What You Enjoy, You Will Repeat

What you enjoy you will seek to repeat. This is human nature.

If you enjoy a certain food, there’s a high likelihood you will choose that food again. If you enjoy spending time with your spouse, naturally you would look forward to the next time you could be together.

Conversely, it’s also human nature to avoid what doesn’t bring us pleasure...or to avoid the things we don’t particularly like. I personally have a distaste for grapefruit; so when my husband brings home grapefruit I tend to avoid it and instead reach for fruit that I like better.

Sadly, this can apply to spiritual things as well. As Christians we too return to what we find pleasure in and avoid those things we do not. Often, when we “feel” we are not “getting anything” out of our reading of the Bible, we begin to open it less and less and even eventually stop reading it all together.

But...God wants to help us to use this human tendency towards the positive. He wants us regardless of “feelings” (remembering that our hearts are wicked above all else...and our feelings can’t always be trusted! Jeremiah 17:9) to continue in a habit of studying and meditating on His word. And by doing so...He will increase our delight in His word! Just like in a healthy marriage; spending more time with our spouse builds and strengthens the relationship, so does spending time with God.

Too often we only pray to ask God for the things we need or desire. We pray, but then we don’t open His word to find the answers to our prayers or to hear His thoughts pertaining to our lives and situation.

If we only spoke to our spouse or our closest friend long enough to ask things from them but never stopped to listen to their advice or hear their needs, how long before our relationship would suffer from the lack of connection?

God desires us to deeply know Him, just as a spouse desires to be known by their partner. God seeks to unfold to us the amazing story of redemption and love throughout the pages of the Bible. From cover to cover; Old Testament to New; Genesis to Revelation: it ALL reveals His character and His love for us. There is a wealth of guidance for our lives found within its pages!

If you have tried before to read the Word of God but found yourself discouraged or missing out on receiving a blessing from your reading...don’t give up. Continue to pray (1 Thessalonians 5:17), and ask the Lord to reveal Himself to you through His word, and to create (or renew) in you a hunger for His words...this is a prayer He won’t deny! And as you stay faithful to seek God early (Psalm 63:1, Proverbs 8:17) and daily (Isaiah 55:6, Acts 17:11), your desire for the purity of His words will increase and the desire for the things of this world will decrease. Your Savior, redeemer, Heavenly Father and friend is waiting to spend time with you today!

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