We want to share an Amazing Fact with You!

Dear Friends,

Usually Darah is the one writing, and I am so glad she does, because she is much better at it than I am! But today I am reaching out to our church families, friends, and our newsletter readers for your help with an upcoming event.

For more than a decade, our family has been greatly blessed and inspired by a ministry called Amazing Facts. This ministry played a big role in turning my life from living for the world to living for Jesus. It has also led countless thousands of others to Jesus Christ around the world. Its truth centered Bible programming helps lead people to Christ, prophecy, and sound doctrine. Their online media covers a broad and comprehensive array of engaging Bible study materials and resources to help people grow in Christ. If you are not familiar with Amazing Facts, you can find them online, select radio stations, and on many cable network tv stations such as CBN and even most recently the History Channel.

Here are some really amazing facts about the Amazing Facts Ministry:

  • It currently sends out over 250,000 bibles studies per year

  • It reaches 2.3 billions homes world wide through satellite and television broadcasting

  • Approximately 21,000 Amazing Facts online programs are viewed daily and 8 million per year

  • They have graduated over 10 million Bible school graduates

  • They receive 40,000 letters per month asking Bible questions

  • 2.5 million TV viewers watch their programming each month in North America

  • It's Bible study resource material is translated into over 30 languages

  • AF provides some of the most popular websites on key Bible topics such as the Sabbath, what happens when you die, and the second coming, to name a few

  • AF has evangelistic training centers around the world in places such as: the United States, India, Canada, Europe, China, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Africa, Australia, with new locations being added.

Their school of evangelism is called AFCOE, which stands for: Amazing Facts Center of Evangelism. It has been my desire for years to attend this 3 month, intensive Bible training school which prepares students to give in-depth Bible studies, preach evangelistic meetings, and even help pastor small church groups. Recently, my best friend, my precious wife, told me she felt impressed that I need to go to the upcoming AFCOE program being held this fall. I had thought of the idea for years but never thought we could manage me being gone for 3 months. This year is different, we have both decided to make this a commitment and told the Lord, if He opens the doors, we would all like to go as a family. I will be doing the program, and Darah and Jackson will be there also to sit in on the training classes, from time to time, and experience as much as they can, while we are there. God has been making it known to us that He is behind this. My application was accepted 2 weeks ago and since then God has already begun providing for us. Just this week, an amazingly generous family has offered us an RV hook-up site where we can park our small camper, on their farm just minutes from the new WORD center, where AFCOE classes will be held. This alone will reduce our expense by several thousand dollars. It never ceases to amaze me how God begins to work on our behalf. Certainly for no other reason than for His great love towards His children.

I’d like to tell you about another little miracle that happened to me last week. Sunday evening I went out for a walk. I was perplexed and to be honest, just a little doubtful about the future. I was pouring my heart out to God because I could not reason nor make sense of how I could be without work for 3 months, support my family, pay for the expenses to attend AFCOE, including travel to other side of the country. I suppose I was really begging God to show me some sign! Oh ye of little faith! Right? Even though I have seen God move mountains for us in the past, how easy it still is for me to feel overwhelmed and helpless. Later that evening as I was sitting in our camper trailer, when a young friend knocks on the door, and with a giant smile, hands me a folded check. I asked him what he was doing and he just beamed as he told me that he knew I was going to AFCOE and he wanted to help our way in anyway he could. At first, I tried to tell him that he probably needed it more than I did, and to please keep it, but he insisted I keep it. So I greatly thanked him for his kindness.

I began to feel the amazement of this little miracle. Yes, it was a small amount compared to everything we will need, but God lovingly answered my plea for help and graciously gave me a token of His amazing power. Right then, I understood again how God has the ability to provide things in anyway He chooses, big or small, and that if we trust Him, He will provide all along the way.

So, as my family prepares to travel across the country in less than a month, with our little camper in tow, we trust God will help supply the needs along the way. We see that time is short, prophetically, and we want to be prepared as best as we can be, to do the Lord’s work, in these final days before Jesus returns. If you have been watching, you know as we do, that time is wrapping up here on earth, the last great push to share the Everlasting Gospel is nearly at hand. Soon lines will be drawn and people around the globe will be making decisions, either conscientiously or unconsciously, that will affect their eternal destiny. God is ready to pour out mercy and grace beyond measure in these final days to all who will hear the message and turn. We want to be a part of whatever God would like our family to do for Him. It is our aim to draw closer to our Savior, overcome wounds that the enemy has tried to inflict, push the enemy back by helping to win souls for Jesus, and to rejoice triumphant at last!

If you feel impressed to help support us to attend the AFCOE training program, we would be very grateful.

Please visit: https://gofund.me/56707f95, where more details of what is needed and how you can support are provided. As always your prayers are the most valuable asset. And, if you have never heard of Amazing Facts, I invite you to please visit their website at: https://www.amazingfacts.org, I know you will be blessed!

In His service, the Varga family

If you feel impressed, please share this with your church family, friends, facebook or any other place that you choose. Again, thank you! And many blessings :)

The “Little Church” in the Nation’s Capital

Though the Lord worked through many methods during our time planting a church in the capital of the Navajo Reservation, we believe an integral part of this little church's foundation was the literature many souls received during outreach events, and especially the foundational Amazing Facts Bible studies shared with church members!During our years serving on the Navajo reservation,

Top photo: Bible study group held at our trailer on the Navajo Reservation using Amazing Facts Bible study guides, Darah pictured with Pricilla Joe, our sweet friend and the first baptized member of the church plant in Window Rock, AZ. Bottom photo, Pricilla and friend Melissa attending the Amazing Facts Evangelism Series with speaker, Wyatt Allen.

Preparing Amazing Facts sharing material for our flea market booth that we set up routinely in the capital of the Navajo Reservation. We gave out hundreds if not thousands of books, dvds, and sharing tracts during our years serving there!

Setup at the booth sharing Amazing Facts materials with those who came to our booth.


Bible Worker In Mashabo, Guyana

  • ATGO currently supports a full-time Bible worker in our previous mission field of Guyana. His monthly stipend is $200 US dollars. During the time we will be in AFCOE we will not personally have a means to support this worker, however his work is vital to the mission in Mashabo, Guyana, where our friends (local missionaries) are almost finished building a lifestyle center that together we began while living in Guyana. Help in supporting God’s worker in this field during these months (Aug-Nov) would be a blessing to help continue spreading God’s message in that part of the vineyard!

Photos above: ATGO's Bible worker in Mashabo has been a huge blessing, from continuing and starting new Bible studies using Storacle Bible studies from Amazing Facts, to delivering audio Bibles to the sight impaired, and those unable to read he stays busy! His most recent project has been delivering audio Bibles, and we are praising the Lord with Patrick and others in Mashabo village who finally received their Audio Bibles and can now hear the word of God! Patrick is blind, and was asking Fazil, the Bible worker a few months back if there was some way he could hear the Bible...God answered by delivering a box of 100 audio Bibles (which we had been praying to be able to deliver there for almost a year!) for those in the village of Mashabo who can either not see or can not read. What so many take for granted, these precious souls will now be able to hear and learn! Our God is amazing!

Our Bible worker: Fazil Boodhoo presenting ten mothers at the Mashabo SDA church with the donated audio Bibles from Adventist World Radio...these mothers are either sight impaired, or unable to read or read well.


To help support attending the training program at Amazing Facts:


Donate Online: www.ATGOministries.org

(note: this is our most direct donation method...but this method is for donors who do not need a tax deduction receipt for their donation)



All projects supported by ATGO Ministries is funded entirely by donations. If you would like to support a part of our mission, we accept tax-deductible donations through our umbrella organization: Haiti Helpers.

Donations can be given through these two methods:

1. This is the preferred method:

Write a Check to Haiti Helpers and mail to:

Haiti Helpers,

1749 S. Dicks Creek Road,

La Fayette, GA 30728.

*Please include a note on your check & inside mailing envelope specifying: "H.H. Missionary Program: Varga" then please identify any special project you wish your funds to go towards. It also helps us if you are able to send us a brief email at: alltribesgo@gmail.com notifying us of your donation

2. Online at: https://www.haitihelpers.org/contact-us-donate/

*Please include a note specifying: "H.H. Missionary Program: Varga" then identify any special project you wish your funds to go towards. It also helps us if you are able to send us a brief email at: alltribesgo@gmail.comnotifying us of your donation.

Contact us: alltribesgo@gmail.com

I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day:

the night cometh, when no man can work. John 9:4

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