The Way Out

How can your current situation which seems so dark and painful be best?

Photo by: supreet-deep-singh-gangyan

Sometimes God brings us into the most trying circumstances with seemingly no way out. And we say how could this be His way? Surely, my path should be clear and broad! But that’s not always so in God’s way of thinking. (Isaiah 42:16; Lamentations 3:7-26)

Was it so with Gideon as God continued to shrink his army smaller and smaller? (Judges 6-8) Was it so when Joseph was wrongly accused and thrown into prison where he would stay for years before being freed? (Genesis 39:19-21) Was it so with Daniel as he faced the mouths of the hungry lions in that dark den? (Daniel 6) Or was it so as the children of Israel wondered in the desert for 40 years-why couldn’t they have gone straight to the promised land from Egypt? (Exodus)

God has His special reasons in every single instance. But often we don’t see the reasons until later, sometimes even years later.

In the case of Gideon, God knew the heathen nations would accredit Gideon’s victory to his large and strong army-so God took that away. The victory needed to be His, and bring glory to His name! For Joseph, God had his special reasons. He needed to continue growing Joseph for his future role as second in command in Egypt, timing mattered...Joseph would eventually be used to save His people. God also needed to use Joseph as a witness to the millions who would later read his story to learn and demonstrate patience, forgiveness, long suffering and especially trust in God no matter his circumstance.

And what about Daniel facing the hungry lions after being wrongfully sent to his death? God never left Daniel alone for a moment. He used His servant Daniel to show us that even if we are tried unto death, God will never leave us and often He allows us to get to what we believe is our end, then works His biggest miracle! He also used Daniel to show that we don’t have to fight our battles. God is a righteous judge and is ready to defend us. After Daniel was retrieved out of lion’s den, remember his accusers were then thrown in for what they had done to Daniel. And as they found themselves in the very situation they had plotted for Daniel, God chose not to close the lions mouths!

And finally what about the Israelites, God’s chosen people? God put the children of Israel through numerous dark and seemingly endless times. He pressed them to the Red Sea so He could gloriously overthrow their captors and show His strength; and then later brought them to the border of the overflowing Jordan to push them onward teaching them that as they stepped forward in faith He would part the way. All along their journey God was trying to win their hearts; not just provide for their needs.

God’s ways, though they may at times appear confusing, are always the best way in the end. If we trust him through the dark valleys, He promises to bring us to other side where we can praise Him for the victory…either in this life or the next. Then He calls us to extend our hand back to some other poor struggling soul and help them through the same dark path; just as Joseph was called to do for his family.

Trust in God’s infinite wisdom as you assess your situation today, “and lean not unto your own understanding.” But instead, “in all your ways acknowledge him, and he WILL direct your paths.” Proverbs 3:5-6

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