Shelter in the Storms of Life

I was outside one afternoon watching the rain. Rain seems to provide such a cleansing feeling—a time to pause-a sense of peacefulness. As I was watching the rain I noticed there were many birds in the trees to the side of the house near where I was standing. And something struck me.

Most of the birds were hiding under branches and taking shelter quietly from the storm. I thought what a loving God to create these trees not just for their beauty to look at and the nourishment their fruits provide but also for the creatures to take shelter in. And how wonderful that He put the instinct deep within each bird to know where to go to get out of the storm! But, then I heard one particular bird that caught my attention. He was squawking loudly and kept shaking his feathers as if he was frustrated by the rain. Oddly though, he was the only bird not under a limb, dry from the storm. Instead he decided to perch on top of the limb, exposed to the heavy rains. And it made me think: isn’t that just like some of us as Christians!

God makes every provision, based on what is good for us, but some of us refuse to take shelter under His branches—under His care. We think we can go it alone and brave the storms of life without the armor or faith and prayer. Then when things don’t work out according to our plans we complain and grumble and give God a bad name by our witness.

Just like the one squawking bird among all the quiet, content birds. Is this us? Do we profess to be a Christian, following the Lord, yet our loud words, and complaints draw more attention than our love for God and our fellow man?

God desires different from us and for us. He offers us His shelter during the tough times of life. He longs to spread His branches of safety over all of our trials and challenges. And He waits for us to look up and give Him our praise for His care instead of our grumblings and complaints.

When we finally realize that God cares for us “more than many sparrows,” the sooner we stop “squawking” and begin praising! God cares immensely for our every need. And just as “not one of [those sparrows] falls to the ground apart from [our] Father’s will.” So are “the very hairs of [our] head...all numbered.” (Matthew 10:29-30) God is calling us higher: “do all things without grumbling or disputing.” (Philippians 2:14) And to “not fear therefore; [because we] are of more value than many sparrows.” (Matthew 10:31)

If God has provided the trees of the field for rest and shelter and protection for the birds of the air, how much more will He do for you and me? We have no need to complain or worry if we are following the King of the Universe. He has made every provision in advance for us, if we will only seek Him during our storms. Because no matter how hard the rain is pouring in our lives, we can always seek shelter in the arms of the Lord!

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