On our Way to AFCOE!

What an interesting and blessed delay we had today!

Made it to Oklahoma last night and had to take our recently purchased used camper into a RV mechanic shop. Turns out the camper we purchased while in Arkansas was not in the shape it was advertised to be in. We smelled something burning last night while trying to run the hot water heater, found 3 leaks, and the AC broke. So Tony asked that I call an RV shop to see if we could get it in as soon as possible. I started calling repair shops around Oklahoma City. While searching online I started calling the larger shops with the best reviews. But one after another told me they couldn’t get our camper in until October or November. I continued to explain that we couldn’t wait till then, that we are trying to get across the country by Thursday.

I was feeling a little discouraged that we might not be able to get it checked, and we both felt certain the issues we did find were likely just the “tip of the iceberg” as far as what could be going on with this camper. After exhausting 5 shops I stopped and prayed to ask God to guide me to the shop we should take it to. Finally, I contacted a shop that said they would get us in to help us out even though they were also booked up.

So glad I stopped to ask for God to guide our day, it turned out to be a huge blessing! Several mechanics and the owner of the shop started working on our camper. The list of items continued to grow that needed repair. They ended up working on it from 8am-3pm! They fixed the major issues, including the AC, new wheel bearings and a new tire that we found out was very unsafe. Tony was told he could get the tire down the road and they would put it on.

As he was leaving the store he ran into another customer and the man started up a conversation. The man asked a little about our travel plans and Tony explained we were headed to a 3 month evangelism training program in California. Turns out the man is also a pilot and a Christian. He then starts asking if we need anything for our trip and out of the blue hands Tony $150 dollars saying he would like to help us on our way. Amazing, that’s how much the new tire ended up costing!

When he got back with the new tire, the mechanics at the shop finished up the repairs, and when it was all complete they charged exactly half the price for their time and repairs, the owner said he too was a Christian and he too just wanted to help us out! Such a beautiful reminder of how God puts others in our path to bless us as we work through our daily trials!

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