Fruit and Miracles: God’s Provisions

Recently on a Friday, we were getting down to the last of our food supply. With only two US dollars left in our bank account, we were preparing to eat lean and pray until God blessed us with more. After leaving our job early last year and beginning to work solely for God serving as “volunteer missionaries” we have been learning daily that all of our provisions come from above...and, praise God, because so far, He has never let us go hungry or miss a meal! We trusted this time would be no different.

We have worked this year and last as hard as we ever have at any secular job but the rewards of working for our Heavenly Father have been far greater! It has been a walk of faith for us, and we praise God because He has been merciful to train us everyday as we learn to rely on Him for all our needs.

I asked Tony mid morning Friday to check the bank account and see if God had sent us any funds for food. Nothing. But about an hour later we received a phone call saying $100 was put into our bank account. But, where we live it isn’t as easy as running down the street to get a few groceries. Just to get to town could take us several hours, and we could easily spend 1/3 or more of this amount just on travel expenses to get there. But, again, God always supplies in amazing fashion!

Only one hour after receiving the call that we had received funds, we got another phone call from some friends who were coming to visit our village asking if we would like for them to pick us up any food since they were coming our way.

Before sunset Friday and before the weekend came on, we had plenty of food to get us through the weekend and even to feed others for vespers and potluck!

As if that wasn’t gracious enough of our loving Father, by the end of the same weekend someone placed another $100 in our hands and told us that they felt impressed to give it to our family for our needs. But...we knew this was the overflow we had been asking God for. We had been desiring to help our fellow workers and one our mission schools in the interior, as they have been flooded with refugees from across the border in Venezuela, and they didn’t have enough food to feed them all.

God even answered our desire to help there as well. Not only did God feed us, but He allowed us the blessing of sharing our overflow to help feed his Venezuelan children at the border too. The only reason I share this part, (as we believe that personal giving is truly between the giver and God), is because of what God did next...which spoke loudly to my heart—that when we give from little or much, God sees our heart and will reward our efforts no matter how small or large!

God will reward each of us for our faithfulness to care for others. He will reward you as much as us. He doesn’t see dollar signs but rather, He sees the motives of our hearts!

The very next day, almost as if to show us even if we were to give our very last, we can’t out-give God; He sent over two fellow missionaries who live nearby who were preparing to leave for a trip where they would be away for a while. They came by and gave us a bag full of fresh fruits and veggies that they didn’t want to go to waste while they were away...then, the next morning in their rush to leave, they forgot their food for the trip, and called us later and asked if we could go by and pick that food up and use it also so it wouldn’t spoil. We felt so bad they forgot their food, but knew that thankfully they were traveling through town very soon and would be able to pick up more.

We could see that God kept sending us little messages of His care and how He hadn’t forgotten us, or others in need of His care either! How good is God, ALL the time!

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