Christ the Solid Rock

Even though you may not sense Him near—remember Christ has not left you. He is your rock in the midst of the storm. When all else fails, He will not.

Faith is not a feeling. If this were so every time the lights of the church dim and voices stop being raised in songs and praises, our emotions would cease too, leading us to believe that God has left us. But not so.

Our trust in God is not based on emotions alone. But rather, if we truly love Him, it will be based on His unending and enduring love; and His sure Word that never fails us not matter how our heart feels.

In those moments when it “feels” as though God is no where near, don’t believe the adversary's lies. God has not left you; He is as present in those moments as in the times when you sense His presence very close to you. In fact, He is even closer, as He is training you in these very moments to not live by feelings but by faith. A faith that says even if I don’t feel like trusting, I will. Even if I don’t feel like praising God in my trials, I will. Even though I don’t sense you are near God, I will believe that You are because Your Word tells me so.

Even though I feel so very alone, and that all have forsaken me, I will trust what I know to be true...that my heavenly Father is closer still than ever before and I can trust Him to never leave me!

Walk by faith and not by sight...trusting Him through obedience and not by emotions. God desires to reach you in ways far deeper than your human emotions can fathom, and when you allow Him to enter in, your life will begin to change in ways you could never have imagined!

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