An Update from All Tribes Gospel Outreach

Greetings from our family to yours, we pray this email finds you in health and wellness despite the many things happening in our world today.

We wanted to give you a brief update on our ministry, All Tribes Gospel Outreach, and our family’s involvement with its projects. As you may have read in a previous newsletter our family is currently back in the United States. During our time back, God has laid some very special things on our hearts, specifically as a couple, that we have decided to let take precedence for a time.

We will be continuing to support the various projects and fields we have worked in, but for the foreseeable future we will only be serving as facilitators; and not physically serving by our presence. Darah will be assuming the main role in keeping updated on the various mission projects, making sure donations are dispersed and for updating future newsletters.

Also please note: if you feel impressed to contribute to any of the projects ATGO Ministries is helping with; that our means of receiving donations changed last year. We are working with our dear friends, Brenda and Michael Cooper, who run a non-profit organization called Haiti Helpers. Haiti Helpers has been serving in Haiti for over 20 years, and have led over 56 short-term mission trips there to help. They fund evangelism programs, supply Bibles and hymnals, and currently support a Samaritan Center and provide clean water to the village of Bas Pinal.

You can find more details about their organization below, and also how you can make a tax deductible donation through Haiti Helpers if you feel compelled to support any of the projects that ATGO Ministries currently helps.

The following are several projects that we are excited to share updates on how things are progressing, and to pass along some of the requests we are receiving from these various mission fields. As always we greatly appreciate your support for these “on the ground" projects that are helping to reach souls, and are beyond thankful for your prayers!

May God continue to bless you and keep you during these uncertain times. Our prayer is that we can all take courage knowing that our Savior promises to “never leave us, nor forsake us,” and that He is coming again soon to take us home! (Hebrews 13:5; Deuteronomy 31:6; Luke 21:25-28)

In His Service, Tony, Darah and Jackson


A Dozen Requests for Bible Studies! A New Bible Worker has joined ATGO Ministries in Mashabo

We are very excited to have Fazil Boodhoo, a personal family friend of ours, to join ATGO and take on the job as Bible worker in his home village of Mashabo, Guyana.

Fazil and Andrea and 4 of their children on a visit to our mission house when we lived in Guyana...they walked 12 miles roundtrip to come for a visit and bring us food that day!

Fazil was a widower, who lost his wife several years ago to kidney failure. When she passed, he was left to raise his three children alone. Around the same time that Fazil’s wife passed away, Andrea, who lived in another village along the coast, also lost her husband when he was bitten by a scorpion. At the time he was bitten he was working in the back dam (a term Guyanese use to define the deep jungle) and those with him were not able to get him to medical care soon enough, and sadly he passed away. Andrea was also left with three children to raise alone.

God in His mercy, saw our two friends. He brought them together several years after loosing their spouses. As a widow, Andrea was having difficulty making ends meet while living along the coast, so she made the decision to move back to her home village of Mashabo. The council in the village voted to build a home for her and her children. At this time, she and Fazil met and began to see God’s plan for their lives…and His plan for their children. God desired for Andrea’s children to have a father, and for Fazil’s children to have a mother!

Fast forward and now our friends are married, only for the first year of their marriage the house they lived in had only enough space to accommodate three of the children. Andrea’s children, which are younger, lived in the home with Fazil and Andrea, while Fazil’s three children were split up and moved into their grandmother’s and the aunt’s home on the other side of the village.

Though Fazil and Andrea knew this was not ideal, they had no way to work it out otherwise. That is until recently. A home nearby the grandmother and the aunt was vacated, and Fazil and Andrea have just moved into it, providing space for all six children to live with their parents together!

They were extremely grateful for the move, but soon faced another challenge. With the pandemic work has become more limited, and for Fazil even more so. Convicted on keeping God’s seventh day Sabbath, he was not willing to compromise and take a job that would require him to work over the Sabbath. He had gone months without steady work, making it hard with a household now of eight mouths to feed. But, again God is very faithful, especially to those that are faithful to Him!

Meanwhile, we could see that one of the needs in Mashabo was for a full-time Bible worker. The Lord laid our friends Fazil and Andrea on our hearts. Fazli needed work, and I (Darah) was praying for more ways to help reach people of Mashabo. Fazil is now a Bible worker in Mashabo, and is able to receive a small stipend for his work.

In the last month alone Fazil has had over a dozen people ask for Bible studies! He has also provides weekly updates on the needs in the community…and there are many.

We are praying for a way to increase Fazil’s stipend, so that he can continue his work reaching the community and not have to pick up other jobs to make ends meet. And we would like to be able to help fund some of the needs he is finding in the community. (You can see a list of current needs below in the “How You Can Help” section. Please help us pray for God to open the windows of His storehouse for His children in Mashabo.

Pictured by her front door, Helena Charles. On one of Fazil's visits, expressed her interest in Bible studies. Fazil also noticed that she is in need of repairs to her house, which is beginning to rot and cave in. Samantha and Vashti, pictured together, both young women requested Bible studies and asked for prayers for their walk with Jesus to grow.

Ronald Fredericks requested for Fazil to return to share Bible studies. Fazil met with Rita (pictured above), an elderly woman in the village on one of his house visits. She is asking to learn more about the Bible, and Fazil has requested prayers for help fixing her floor which is falling in.


Monkey Mountain Church Update

The group meeting in Monkey Mountain does not yet have their new church home…but the work is progressing! Our friend and local missionary, Winston Gudge is overseeing the work, and has been keeping us updated on its progress. They still need to complete the front door, finish the vestry, get gutter fittings, paint the exterior and interior, and make the pews. They will also need more cement for plastering and fuel to cut the remaining wood needed.

A mission house is also underway for a full-time mission worker to live and oversee the growing church plant, and to make visits within the community. Winston recently returned home to Bethany Village while awaiting God’s timing for further funding and supplies. We are praying for God’s perfect provisions and timing, trusting that He sees this growing flock and will supply for them!

The group in Monkey Mountain currently meet outside regardless of the weather. But are eager to begin worship in the new church building when it is finished!

Progress on the interior and outside.


Prayer Requests & Praises

• Praises for a new Bible worker in Mashabo

• Prayers requested for our Bible worker’s needs: Fazil & Andrea’s family needs

• Prayers for those requesting Bible Studies in Mashabo

• Praises that the donated sewing machines are being a blessing in Paruima, prayers for more solar power

• Prayers for the Advent Hope Lifestyle Center in Mashabo to be completed soon so it can begin to serve the community

• Prayers for Cheryl (see update on Bible worker) to be able to receive her hernia surgery soon

• Prayers for the two churches, in Monkey Mountain, Guyana, and the other in Jhapa Nepal to be completed soon ________________________________________________

How You Can Help

• $6000 US dollars needed to complete the work on the church in Monkey Mountain so the group can have an indoor place to worship, and missionary housing to be completed

• $1600 still needed to complete the church in Jhapa, Nepal so the growing group can have a church to worship in

• More solar panels needed in Paruima for sewing machines and to help with running kitchen appliances and lighting on campus when machines not being used

• $200-400 monthly…The Bible worker in Mashabo is currently receiving a small monthly stipend, but is out working most days since there are many souls seeking Bible studies. His stipend only covers very basic food supply for his family, but we would like to be able to increase his stipend to a living wage to help him care for his family's needs, so he does not have to seek extra work to cover their costs, and can focus on the needs of those in the community.

• $300-400 for home repairs for several homes in Mashabo


Mercy Mission in Nepal

Oldest church in Jhapa worships in open fields

There is a group of people meeting under trees and wherever they can find to meet in a district called Jhapa (East Nepal). They were promised to build a church 10 years ago, but unfortunately it hasn’t happened yet. They were having worship in the open field from the beginning but when the preacher of this church lost his job there wasn’t anyone capable to continue fellowship. Soon all the members stopped meeting, but when we heard their current situation we were moved and decided to continue the fellowship.

In the beginning we feared that they had lost their confidence in the church but when we spent more time with them, we slowly felt that they were trusting again. Now they are very excited! We had our first pot-luck and we had more than 40 members come. We were so blessed.

As we start reaching more people around, we are desperately needing a church where we can worship God without the hot sun, rain and storms affecting the group. We started building this temporary church but now we are out of funds. Just a little help can be a huge blessing to these poor people. We are needing $550 if we use bamboo which needs to be changed every few years or $1600 to make it with bricks that can last decades.

We really appreciate every prayer and support that has been provided. May God continue touching your hearts…Jesus is coming soon, let’s preach and His love around us. Written by a Mercy Mission Bible Worker

The above update was submitted to ATGO Ministries by a dear friend of our family. Sonia Carreon is a board member for Mercy Mission; and former missionary who served 7 years in Nepal.

Photos of the group in Jhapa meeting outside, and the beginnings of the church building for the group.


"God Pods" are pre-loaded audio Bibles, which also can be loaded with sermons and audio books.

God Pods On the Navajo Nation & Soon in Mashabo

We are excited to announce that the audio Bibles donated by Adventist World Radio have made it to the Navajo Nation! After following up with the local Pastor who was helping us to distribute the devices, we are excited to learn that several locations throughout the reservation have now received devices. So far they have gone to reservation missions in Page, AZ, Waterflow, NM, Window Rock, AZ (our previous mission post). The audio Bibles that were distributed on the Navajo reservation are loaded with not only the Bible in English but also in the Navajo language.

The audio Bibles that will be going to Guyana have taken a bit longer to get to their final destination. Because of COVID and our family's move their distribution has taken longer than we had anticipated, but prayerfully we hope to have them there next month! They will be distributed in Mashabo village where our Bible worker, Fazil is awaiting them to begin connecting them with those he is studying with who may have trouble reading. There are many people in Mashabo who are not able to read, or have trouble reading so we are excited to help share the Word of God with those in that village to help disciple more for the kingdom of heaven!


Donated Sewing Machines Blessing the Community

The sewing machines that were donated for the Paruima School have been a blessing as they are able to use them so far. An older woman, Geraldine, from the village is helping to make clothes for the poor in the community, she is taking clothes that have been donated and sewing them to fit for those who need them.

Also, Nansha, one of the teachers at the Paruima school has been using the sewing machines in her home economics class. She teaches the younger students the basics of using needle and thread and the older ones more specifics on the machines. Though Nansha is only able to use one or two machines at a time, as there is still not enough solar power to run all eight machines that were donated at the same time.

The local teacher, Nansha helping one of the younger students learn how to work with needle and thread, in the background one of the older students helps Nansha with her newborn who attends class with her so she can continue teaching!

We are still praying for more solar power, so a full class can be held weekly! We were so thrilled as were the teachers and students at the school to receive the machines, and we know God will supply the power now needed to run them all! We greatly appreciate your prayers and support for these machines, and those they will help; like the students who will be learning the skill of sewing to help their family’s and possibly be able to earn some income once they graduate.


Choose the Good Youtube Channel

One of our first videos from when we began the channel in Guyana.

We are excited to now have over 400 subscribers to our Choose the Good channel. It is steadily growing, and we are thankful to God for allowing us to have another avenue for outreach. God has provided many learning lessons for our family in our efforts to become more self-sufficient throughout our years living in various mission fields. As we learn, we continue to share with others.

As people are looking for more ways to become self-sufficient in these uncertain times, we have been creating content that will help teach some of these basics. The channel focuses on the various aspects of homesteading and country living to help educate others on the simple things they can also do to be prepared at home and to live healthier lives. We share everything from gardening, cooking and natural remedies among other things. We have gotten good feedback, and are excited to continue growing the channel!

You can view all videos here:


Navajo Radio Station Update

For those of you who have been praying and supporting the possible radio station to reach the Navajo people over this last year, we wanted to share with you how the project is progressing. The following update has been shared with us by Pastor Dale Wolcott, Coordinator for Arizona Native Ministries, who is part of the team working on this project.

Pastor Dale has recently written to us with this update: "We are getting a dozen or so responses for Bible lessons from the radio broadcasts every Sunday morning. Please pray about the new auction date for the 100,000 watt frequency."

We greatly appreciate your prayers and support for this project to reach our friends on the Navajo Reservation with much needed health programing and the Good News that Jesus is coming again soon!



Donate Online: (note: this is our most direct donation method...but this method is for donors who do not need a tax deduction receipt for their donation)

FOR TAX DEDUCTIBLE DONATIONS: All projects supported by ATGO Ministries is funded entirely by donations. If you would like to support a part of our mission, we accept tax-deductible donations through our umbrella organization: Haiti Helpers. Donations can be given through these two methods: 1. This is the preferred method: Write a Check to Haiti Helpers and mail to: Haiti Helpers, 1749 S. Dicks Creek Road, La Fayette, GA 30728. *Please include a note on your check & inside mailing envelope specifying: "H.H. Missionary Program: Varga" then please identify any special project you wish your funds to go towards. Also please send us a brief email directly at notifying us of your donation. 2. Online at: *Please include a note specifying: "H.H. Missionary Program: Varga" then identify any special project you wish your funds to go towards. Also please send us a brief email directly at notifying us of your donation.

Contact us: Darah: 304-532-1679 Tony: 334-435-1776

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