According to Your Faith Be it unto You

Have you been praying for sometime about something you want God to heal or change? Have you ever considered that God has already heard your requests and is waiting with anticipation for you to claim in faith the victory He wants to give you, and that this might be the very key to receiving your answer?

Nothing can uplift our hearts more than praising God in faith for His answer to our prayer even before we receive an answer. Always, if we are praying “thy will be done Lord,” can we expect God to answer our prayers. His answer may be no, yes or wait...but we can trust He will answer in His time and way...and for this we can praise Him! What better use of time on our knees than praising the One from whom all blessings flow and from whom all answers come?

Jesus gave us an example of this when He praised God for raising Lazurus from the grave before He ever saw the miracle. According to His faith, he believed it was possible and proved He trusted His Father by thanking Him before even receiving the blessing of risen life in His friend Lazurus. We too, even now, can say thank you God for hearing and answering our prayers!

“Whoever thinks of announcing a victory song as the army is just heading out to the battlefield? And where do we ever hear a song of gratitude and thanksgiving for an answer that has yet been received?

Yet in this scripture passage (Jesus raising Lazurus from the dead), there is nothing strange, forced, or unreasonable to the Master’s sequence of praise before the miracle. Praise is actually the most vital preparation to the working of miracles. Miracles are performed through spiritual power, and our spiritual power is always in proportion to our faith.” John Henry Jowett

Each and every time I am tempted to become weary in seeking an answer to something that seems long in coming, when I stop and reframe my prayer my faith increases that I will receive God’s best answer for my situation!

Try today instead of growing weary in asking, to reframe your prayer to say: “God I trust you have heard me, and I thank you even now for Your answer to my prayer. I praise You for the amazing ways in which you want to reveal your answers to me, and I praise You for knowing the end from the beginning and this includes my needs and requests, I simply praise You…”

If each time our heart fades, grows weary or dips low in faith, we can lift our heart in praise to the great healer, He is then invited to place a salve of healing on us that gives us the strength to keep pressing on in faith!

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