The Advent Hope

The Advent Hope Lifestyle Center is currently being built in the village of Mashabo, in Guyana, South America to serve the people in that community. Trained medical missionaries Kevin and Areefa Williams will be operating the center and reaching out to their community by offering massage, hydrotherapy, natural remedies, health and natural remedy classes, as well as Bible studies. They will be using their medical knowledge to help heal people’s physical needs while opening hearts to the Gospel.

God has supplied in amazing ways for this lifestyle center to start, and the construction on the exterior of the building is already underway! Though they are still in need of some supplies to complete the lifestyle center before it will be ready to open its doors. Supplies that are still needed include: windows, paint for the interior and exterior, water tanks and bath tub for the hydrotherapy, natural remedy supplies as well as Bible study supplies and books.

We want to thank you for watching and are asking for prayer partners for this work in Mashabo! For more information on ways you can help support the Advent Hope Lifestyle Center you can visit: This is an independent project being overseen by our family's personal ministry: All Tribes Gospel Outreach.


Bible Study Changes Lives!

We want to share with you a short and hopefully encouraging story on how getting into the word of God has the power to change a heart!

A few months ago a friend of ours from the village came to our house asking if I (Darah) would come to pray and study the Bible with her son, “Owen.” (named changed for privacy) This son, still a teenager, had begun to hang out with the wrong crowd. He was leaving home regularly and going to one of the local houses down by the creek in the village to drink and party. Our friend was distraught over what was happening in her son’s life. She and her husband were praying and hoping for a miracle for his heart to turn to God.

After her request, I decided to print off some extra Bible studies and planned to walk them down to their house in the village. This sweet sister also has several other children and grandchildren living in the home with her and her husband, so I printed the extras for the other children just in case.

I had delayed going down for few weeks due to getting busy with some planting projects around the mission and feeling like I just couldn’t find the time for the walk down and back and then to add the hour or so it would take to walk Owen through the Bible study lesson.

Finally though, the Lord spoke loudly and impressed my heart that I needed to go, and not to allow anymore “distractions” to take priority. Even though planting fruit trees was needed at the mission, God was showing me it wasn’t as important as this young man! I’m still a work in progress at getting my priorities in order, but I’m so thankful God is patient with me...just as much as He has been with Owen.

After finally getting down to our friends house and making the time to stay for a Bible study, I arrived to find not just Owen but the whole family home. I sat and talked with each one separately about their walk with the Lord, and found all the children (of varying ages up to age 22) were open to studying the Bible! I also found my friend and her husband requesting prayers for their marriage and to strengthen them as parents. We prayed, and then after speaking specifically more with Owen and his older sister who I could tell was also struggling in her walk with the Lord, they asked that I leave the Bible studies and they would do them that week.

I ended up leaving the whole stack of lessons I had brought. As I left I wandered at how God had lined the time up that every family member was home that day, and that I didn’t even stay a whole hour as I had thought I would need to!

A week later our friend walked back up to our house on the mission, but this time with Bible studies in hand...all of them! All of her children, she said, had been going through the lesson that week, and wanted to return it so they could receive another lesson. Not knowing she was coming I had not printed any further lessons, so I went inside and found I had a complete stack of Bible studies but only one set, not enough for everyone. I brought these to her and suggested they be given to Owen, and that I would print more for the others. I printed off extras and as visitors came to our house at the mission over the next week I asked them to take back more lessons for the family in the village.

Not long and our friend, Owen’s mother, came for another visit, but this time to tell us the news that Owen was changing. He was no longer going out each night, he wasn’t getting into trouble and he was spending time studying his Bible! We were thrilled to hear that fruit was beginning to grow in his life.

Today, several months after that first “delayed” Bible study, Owen has continued walking closer and closer to God and has not gone back to his old ways! His mother and father couldn’t be happier to see the changes in their son, and are thrilled the other children are also studying their Bibles now too. God can truly take a heart and transform it once we place our eyes on Him and not on the things of this world!

We can also see that despite the “distractions” of this world, both for us and for Owen, that God is merciful and faithful to call us back to Him and His priorities for our lives!


One of the groups receiving Bibles at the Mashabo Church.

UPDATE: Bibles and Hymnals for Mashabo

God is good! He has provided more Bibles and hymnals for the church members at the Mashabo church. Several weeks ago 50 more Bibles were passed out after church, helping us reach the churches total goal of 150 Bibles donated...a Bible for everyone in the church old enough to read! There have also been 100 hymnals donated for families to begin using during their daily home worship time. It has been exciting to see families coming to church now, everyone having a Bible and many carrying their own hymnals! What a blessing after seeing members struggle to use the old church hymnals that were missing pages and falling apart from years of use!

We had an extra special treat at the beginning of gathering Bibles. Before we were able to get all the boxes of Bibles over to Mashabo (the boxes were large and heavy making it near impossible to walk the six miles with them all) we decided to bring along one of the new Bibles and Hymnals to show the church when we made the announcement that more were coming.

We made the announcement during church service and then after the service ended a young lady approached me and asked if the hymnals I had were for sale...I told her no, and that I only had one with me. She looked disappointed and began to walk away, but I stopped her and told her that I would give her the one copy because she was the first to ask me…and she could have it for free. She took the hymnal and hugged it close to her chest, and I got a big hug and the biggest smile I’ve ever seen! She told me she used to have a hymnal but it got so old the pages fell out and she had longed for another one for so long! Jackson said after she left talking with us he saw her sharing her excitement over the new hymnal with others at church that day!

Right after she left another woman approached and asked if I could give away the Bibles I brought. I told her also, I only brought one. Not knowing how many people were needing one…then she pointed to a young mother a few pews back and said that this young mother had asked if the woman would come and ask for the Bible for her. I saw the mother and said yes, I would be happy to give it to her! The woman motioned over to the young mother and she came over and accepted the Bible. I was somewhat surprised by what she told me next. She said how thankful she was for the Bible, because she had never had her own Bible in her entire life!

Both of the young ladies were thrilled with the gift God brought to church for them...

There were another 20 young adults we found out that also have never had a Bible. They were the first to receive additional Bibles as we brought them over in groups of 50 at a time as donations came in.

We are still in need of more Bibles and hymnals, but this time for a new church being planted in Monkey Mountain, Guyana. Seeing these two women so excited really touched our hearts. Amazing how some of us can take our Bibles for granted but there are still many people in the world thirsting for God’s word!

If you are interested in sponsoring either a Bible or Hymnal for a family, it is $10 per family for a Bible or $20 for a Bible and a Hymnal per family. You can donate through the given methods at the bottom of this email: please be sure along with the other notations listed below to add “Bibles” to your donation notes.


Bethany Medical Mission College Graduation

We were very excited to see our friends, the students of BMMC, (the campus next to the airstrip where we live), graduate from their 6 month program. During this time they studied and learn how to be medical missionaries and to treat patients using natural remedies such as massage, hydrotherapy and much more. A month after graduating many of the students are still on campus due to the virus, but two have left so far to begin sharing what they have learned in their new mission fields.

Please help us pray as several of the young students have expressed requests for prayer as they go “back into the world” to share. They are asking for prayers for strength to stand, as many times they are returning to villages where they may be the only believers. Some will have to stand alone in this world, but we know our Lord stands with them always as they are seeking to serve Him!

BMMC Graduates and Teachers June 2020


Sewing Machines for Paruima

We sincerely want to thank generous donors for donating 8 sewing machines and sewing material for the Paruima boarding school locate in the interior of Guyana! Just before the Coronavirus came onto the scene we were busy working out the details of getting the machines sent down to Guyana so the students could begin their sewing class. However, in light of all the shutdowns, including the school itself here in Guyana closing for now, we continue to pray for the best means of getting the machines here and ready for when the school opens back its doors. If you feel impressed to help, we are still in need of the funds for shipping the machines down to Guyana. Each 55 gallon barrel costs roughly between $175-200 each. We are estimating it will likely take 3 barrels for all the machines and donated materials. We trust God will supply in His perfect timing!

If you would like to donate towards this project, please add a note onto your donation: "Paruima Sewing Machines."



General Support or Navajo Mission Support Can be Mailed to: Checks written to: Darah or Tony Varga PO Box 808 Hixson, TN, 37343

To Donate Online:

OR FOR TAX DEDUCTIBLE DONATIONS: NOTE: The way in which we receive donations has changed. Please note these changes below. As volunteer missionaries, all of the mission work in Guyana and the Navajo reservation that we continue to be a part of are funded entirely by donations. If you would like to support a part of our mission, we accept tax-deductible donations through our umbrella organization: Haiti Helpers. Donations can be given through these two methods:

1. This is the preferred method: Write a Check to Haiti Helpers and mail to: Haiti Helpers, 1749 S. Dicks Creek Road, La Fayette, GA 30728. Please include a note on your check & inside mailing envelope specifying: "H.H. Missionary Program: Varga" then please identify any special project you wish your funds to go towards.

2. Online at: Please include a note specifying: "H.H. Missionary Program: Varga" then identify any special project you wish your funds to go towards.
Contact us: Darah: +592-678-4665 (Guyana) Tony: +592-680-3416 (Guyana)

*NOTE: the best way to reach us is via email, or WhatsApp (Tony Varga or Darah Varga).

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