You Don't Need Corn Pollen to Talk to God

Our friend was standing in his yard as we drove up to say our goodbyes. As we got out of the car he says to us excitedly, “I have been praying! I just came back from the flea market, and I bought some corn pollen, so now I can pray to God!”

After talking a while, we encouraged him that he doesn’t need corn pollen anymore; that God can be accessed through prayer alone. He seems receptive; so we tell him how much God loves each of us and how He can hear anyone when they pray! That prayer to the Creator God doesn’t require corn pollen or any other ritual, all He seeks from us is a sincere heart that desires to connect with Him!

Our friend is a new convert, who only recently accepted Jesus, and is still practicing some of his past spiritual traditions while trying to believe and trust that there is One true God. He hasn’t yet gotten involved in steady Bible study to search out God’s truths for himself; but we are praying and hoping as we leave Him, that the local church body that is now in his area, will nurture and help point him to God’s everlasting truths and free him from the rituals that won’t lead to everlasting life! **

**The Navajo people still practice many pagan rituals, but we have seen that when God comes in, He begins to convict hearts to give up those things that go against His ways. As missionaries to the Navajo we believed it wasn’t our job to force our Christian ways on our friends, but that the Holy Spirit would do this work…and He did! We also believe that there are many cultural things that the Navajo hold as part of their culture that shouldn’t be changed; only the practices that go against God’s word and principles.

Murry lives within walking distance from the property that now holds the Window Rock Seventh Day Adventist Church. We met him in the Fall of 2017, by divine appointment, as he was walking across the church property on his daily walk to the post office.

At that time the small church plant in the area that we helped with had just been asked to stop meeting at the hotel conference room where it had been meeting for over a year. One weekend while our family was out surveying the 3 acres of land owned by the church (that sat vacant for over 10 years, but was located directly next door to the conference room where the group met), a man came up to us. It was Murry. We began a friendly conversation, and he asked if we knew anything about the land. We told him yes, we did. And that we were working on bringing a mobile structure to put onto the land so we could begin holding services there.

Over the next few weeks as we were working on the land; we would see Murry, and began inviting him to church services. Soon after the mobile trailer did move onto the 3 acre parcel, and over time God continued to bless the little church plant. In another year’s time God provided the group with a better more insulated trailer that even had bathrooms and heat and air! (Though they are still working on getting water lines dug and connected for the bathrooms to function).

Murry came to church a handful of times the first year after meeting him. But, he held tightly to many superstitions that kept him from accepting Jesus and His free gift of salvation. Sadly, after one of his visits to church, Murry returned home to find that his chainsaw, which he used to cut trees on his land to heat his home in winter, had been stolen. Murry believed it was because he was at church and not guarding his house that this happened. We didn’t see Murry for a long time after this.

The church took up an offering for Murry to help him replace his chainsaw. Murry was grateful, but, the incident along with future attempts from others to break into his house, left Murry housebound and paranoid. He began to refuse to leave his home, and anger in his heart grew increasingly. He vowed many times that if he could find the men who were doing this; that he would kill them.

During this time, we made it a point to begin visiting Murry at his house. We would try to encourage him to trust God’s protection for his life and for his home. We also spoke with him in depth about God’s love and how God didn’t want him to harbor ill will, anger and unforgiveness. Still many strongholds remained in Murry's life…including some health challenges.

At the beginning of 2018, we received a call from a man who had helped at one ATGO’s health fairs the previous year. He called to ask us if we needed help with Bible work in the area. Yes! The answer was always a resounding yes to help! Though, we explained, we didn’t have any housing for a Bible worker. As we all began to pray for ideas of where he could stay, Murry, came to mind. Murry had been asking us for some time if we knew of anyone that would be willing to stay at his house, so there would be another person there to help watch over things.

Though, we knew this wouldn’t be ideal, nor did we think it was a permanent solution, it was a temporary solution for housing. Miguel, came to the Navajo reservation and began living with Murry while helping with Bible studies in the area and holding health classes for the community. During his time with Murry, he was able to make an impact on him…and he planted seeds that later would begin to be watered! Miguel stayed with Murry for about three months, and was able to teach him some simple natural remedies using charcoal that helped Murry’s physical problems, and later Murry was able to teach and share them with his family when they were in need of help.

About six months after Miguel left, Murry showed up at the church. He explained after the service that he believed the men who were bothering him and his belongings were now out to kill him. He was different this time, humbled and frightened, no longer as angry as before…he gladly accepted prayers, and was now open to hearing about Jesus…the only one who could truly turn things around in his life, and give him peace…and most of all, eternal salvation. Murry decided that day to accept Jesus Christ as his Savior!


Murry is just one example of the beautiful souls that we have come to know and love on the Navajo reservation, and that we were blessed to see come to know Jesus while we lived and served there. He is one example of someone we hope will be changed forever...for the kingdom of God! We wanted to share his story, because his story is similar to many of our Navajo friends.

Changing their way of thinking, spiritual traditions, and possibly loosing family over their decision to follow Christ, isn’t easy. But, God is trying to reach the Navajo, and offers something much better than this short life could ever offer! God continues to work in many different ways to reach our friends and others there.

During our time serving the Navajo we ministered to (by God’s help) and came in contact with many who were struggling deeply with emotional trauma, alcohol and addiction problems; and still others with deep routed negative feelings about Christianity (“white man’s religion,” as it is commonly called there), but one thing every person had in common…they all had need of healing from the Great Physician. Only, so many, didn’t see that as their greatest need! This is why we continue to pray for the work there to continue, because there are many, many more that need to hear about the love of Jesus and need to know God’s last day message for their lives. Will you help us pray for more laborers in this field??

We are grateful that God continues to progress the work; and that He has been opening doors for the Diné Adventist Radio Station (sponsered by Adventist World Radio). There is also now a new Pastor that God sent to serve the Window Rock (where we had been serving) and Kinlichee, AZ churches.

We can tell that God is not going to let our friends on the Navajo reservation continue to live in darkness forever…time is too close to His return and He loves His Diné (a name the Navajo call themselves) people! But, they do still desperately need prayer as they struggle with a very real battle, not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers.

Through Twists and Turns

We would like to share with you now our latest ministry update…and our reason for such a long time between this update and our last newsletter. Through, many twists and turns God has shown our family that is time for us to move to a new and different mission field. And, though it has been extremely sad and hard to leave behind our friends back on the “Rez” (as they call it), we have already begun the process of moving to our next mission. We have accepted an invitation to serve as volunteer missionaries with Gospel Ministries International at Bethany Village, Guyana in South America. After testing God's promises and seeing in a small way how God can and will supply all our need as we step out in faith more and more to follow Him, we are excited to see how God will work, as we choose to work for Him alone! We will be moving into a mission field where we will be completely relying on the Lord. ATGO Ministries will become a completely faith-based mission. We will be partnering with Gospel Ministries International to help aid their already setup work in Guyana, but relying on God for our needs as well as the needs of the mission there. That being said, we will also be keeping our ministry in name for contact purposes: All Tribes Gospel Outreach. Tony will be flying within the country to help support GMI's various mission outposts with supplies, Bible workers and moving missionaries. He will also be aiding with medical evacuations for people in remote areas who would not otherwise be able to reach medical care. Jackson and I will be supporting the mission there in anyway we can, and learning the ropes of living in another culture. We are currently stateside awaiting our Visas, with hopes of leaving in late July. During the 3 years since starting All Tribes Gospel Outreach; and 6 years total living on, or on the border of the reservation, we have learned many things. We have learned how much we need to grow in grace and how much we need the fruits of the spirit in our own lives, and how it is only through Jesus this can happen. Helping others has a way of making you aware of your own need for improvement! And, for us, we realize what a work Jesus still has to do in us, and are so grateful He doesn’t give up, and that He uses us despite our weaknesses! We have also learned that EVERYONE has struggles; some more than others, but God loves us ALL equally. He seeks each of us and is patient with us as we come to Him when we are ready. He never forces a weak or wounded soul! ...Neither should we (another great lesson).

The Navajo reservation and our beautiful Navajo friends have changed our lives in profound ways. We remain forever grateful for God seeing fit to bring us, not only the first time to the Navajo reservation, but for also bringing us back to the reservation these last four years. God knew we needed to be there to grow in our own spiritual walk in ways we could only do there! He also knew that this is where we were going to meet lifelong friends…and souls that we needed to cross paths with so that we could all be in the kingdom of heaven together.

Today, God has given us clear direction that it is time for our family to move forward.

We have included a video explaining our next destination, and some of the miracles God has done to confirm our calling. You can click the image just below to view, or you can view the youtube link here:

For those of you who have supported the work on the Navajo reservation, we can’t thank you enough. You may not know until you reach heaven; but your prayers, contributions and efforts have without a doubt helped to further the spread of the Gospel on the Navajo reservation! We will be continuing to send out our newsletter with updates on the progress of current projects from our area of service on the reservation as we hear news from our friends there. We will also be sharing about future work in Guyana, for those that would like to partner with us in prayer and efforts for the needs of the people there as well. In Christ's love; from our family to yours, Tony, Darah and Jackson Varga PS. We would love to hear from you in the will be the best way to reach us, as we will be closing our phone accounts in the states soon...but we can continue to be reached at:

Click Above to Watch the Video...

TO SUPPORT THE MISSION We will be keeping our ministry in name: All Tribes Gospel Outreach, but the way in which we receive donations has changed. Since we are no longer physically located on the Navajo reservation, our P.O. Box has changed where donations can be received. But, we are still accepting donations via PayPal online at our website:

Once we have been included in Gospel Ministries International's online system, anyone needing a tax deduction for contributions to the work in Guyana will be able to receive a tax receipt from GMI headquarters. If you are making a donation to the work on the Navajo reservation and require a tax deduction, please reach out to us prior to making your contribution so we can direct you on where to send your donation so you can receive a tax deductible receipt for your contribution. Please be sure to mark your donation as to which project you would like it to go towards, (otherwise all received contributions go to most pressing needs first).

Support can be mailed to:

Checks written to: Darah or Tony Varga (ATGO Ministries in notes line) P.O. Box 808 Hixson, TN, 37343 You can contact us via email: To Donate Online:


Are You Being Called?

Are you and your family sensing a call out of your current place in life? Are you being called to missions? Do you have a burden for those living in darkness, not knowing the love of Jesus and the special message that He is coming soon? Maybe, the Lord is calling you to the Navajo Reservation? In search of a missionary family or couple with a burden for souls who can be self-supporting, or who has medical experience and can secure work at the nearby IHS hospital. Currently, there is a newly purchased (last 6 months), 3 bdrm / 2 bth mobile home, on well water; located on two acres of land just outside the small town of Window Rock, AZ (the capital of the Navajo Nation: 3000 population), which is for sale. The woman who owns the home, a friend of ours, has relocated due to health/work challenges. She has asked if we would share this with anyone we know who might be interested in purchasing her home. The Lord impressed us that this would make a great home for a motivated missionary family (who can serve and work without a supporting organization) who desires to live in the country, but that also desires to reach others with the health message and serve as missionaries sharing the love of Jesus and Bible truth on the Navajo Reservation. Please feel free to share this with anyone you know that might be praying for their place in missions. If this is you, please contact us and we can put you in touch with the homeowner for more details on the home. We would also be happy to share the many ways your service can be used on the Navajo Nation. Some of the projects ATGO ministries has/is working on, or that could be started in the area: Cooking Classes Health Fairs Helping at the young church plant in Window Rock Bible studies in homes and mid-week Bible study at the church Depression Recovery Classes (or a weekly depression support group) Flea Market Outreach (sharing books/DVDs and prayers for local community) An Evangelism Training Center Ministries for local youth Community Gardening projects / classes

* There is also a possible reservation-wide Adventist radio station in the works that will likely need help with content for programs.


  1. Praising God for His clear leading and direction for our ministry and our family.

  2. Praising God for the progress on the Diné Adventist Radio Station, and praying the way continues to be clear to bring this to the Navajo Reservation!

  3. Prayers for plumbing on the church property so the donated mobile home can be in use quickly for the new Pastor and his family who are currently staying at the Kinlichee church until their home is ready.

  4. Prayers for all of our Navajo friends who have drifted away or are struggling with addiction.

  5. Prayers for a missionary family interested in living on the border of the Navajo reservation and helping to spread the Three Angels message using the health message as an open door.

Philippians 4:6: Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God...


  1. Bible workers and other consecrated volunteers who have the means to be self-supporting and who desire to see more people on the Navajo reservation come to health, healing and salvation. And permanent housing solutions in the area for all volunteers.

How To Donate: would you like to help us keep this outreach going? You can donate towards any of our current needs. If a donation is not marked for a specific need, it will be used towards our most pressing needs in the order God is leading us to fulfill them. There are no overhead ministry costs, as we work on a volunteer basis. Contact us directly if you need a receipt for tax purposes on your donation. Support can be mailed to: Darah or Tony Varga PO Box 808 Hixson, TN, 37343 You can contact us via email:

To Donate Online:!

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