Reaching the Hurting

Bible school graduates from this summer's Amazing Facts evangelism tent meetings.

Try as We Might

A man plans his way but the Lord directs his steps. Try as we might to plan our future, God already knows the path and always has the best plan anyway! He has certainly led us this summer despite months of planning and thinking we knew how our time would be spent, God directed as He saw best.

We can look back and see how His hand has guided, strengthened and moved the work forward in our small part of the world. We can also see that the true strength of His mission here is brought about through prayer and not through our own ideas.

Though, we had begun the summer believing God was leading us to help the local church plant in planning for a larger building to be built sooner rather than later, we saw how through prayer and providential circumstances, God didn't even need us--He had a better plan for the time being. (More on this below). We saw how when we thought our family alone would need to find a way to support and help run the month long evangelism series, God brought local volunteers from all around our area to fill in numerous roles (from serving food nightly, helping to give rides to people, and running the children's program). Sometimes it has felt as though we are called to do this work alone, but God has been showing us, this just isn't true...this isn't even His best plan! He wants us to live and serve in a community of believers where each of our special gifts makes up a functioning body as a whole.

From health fairs, a depression recovery program, cooking classes, flea market outreach to evangelism, and church planting-- God has been more than a provider for all these needs!

Below is a recap of the many amazing ways God used volunteers this summer (land prep, outreach events and more) from around the country to help pave the way for many to hear Bible truths at the month long evangelism series in August.

We want to thank you for your prayers and support this summer as God opened the way for the everlasting Gospel to be shared with His special Navajo children.

In His service, Tony and Darah

Hard Work Pays Off!

In May a dedicated group of skilled laborers and volunteers with the pathfinders group from Bentonville, AK came to help complete the fence that Weimar Academy had begun to put up around the church plant property this April. This group stayed in the area helping to finish the fence, put in place four RV hookup sites on the back of the property and dig the water lines for these. They also painted our main church structure at the time, which was our donated Trail of Hope bus that we used for worship services.

By the time the group was ready to leave we had a complete fence, four new RV sites ready for our evangelistic team coming in a few months and a beautifully painted new trailer for church! The kids worked as hard as the parents. They even helped at our sister church in Kinlichee to run a nightly Vacation Bible School program...completely run by the kids from the pathfinders group! They had around 25-30 children and teens coming each night to hear about Jesus and His plan of salvation for them.

The group came in a caravan of quite a few cars driving from Arkansas, and came prepared with a trailer full of work supplies!

The Bentonville Pathfinders group standing in front of the newly painted Trail of Hope that was previously used for worship services, and now is being used on and off for potlucks each week-as weather permits.

The Pathfinder kids and teens did a great job planning, leading and organizing a consecrated nightly vacation Bible school for the local children in Kinlichee, AZ.

The Amazing Facts team was able to park on the property during the month-long evangelism because of the efforts of the Bentonville group to complete the RV sites!



About a week after the Pathfinders group left our next mission group came to join us from the Mountainview Japanese SDA Church in Mountainview, CA. With much of the land prep ready for the upcoming tent meetings, this group came to work on outreach before the very fast approaching month-long evangelism series. They came to lay the foundation by reaching out to people in our area by meeting their immediate needs.

They began their time with us by helping at one of our flea market outreach days, spending from morning till afternoon meeting local people and inviting them to the upcoming tent meetings, praying with them, passing out literature, and even giving free massages throughout the day. That night the group hosted a depression recovery seminar at the local hotel conference room where they were able to minister to the hurting in our area and share hope for recovery from depression, PTSD and anxiety. This is always a much needed outreach in our area, due to high rates of unemployment, high suicide rates and overall health concerns there is a growing epidemic of people on the reservation struggling with depression.

After each massage, volunteers were able to pray each person who came.

Even the strays were attracted to our booth! (This one was taken on transport to his new home a few days later.)

The Depression Recovery Seminar was a huge blessing. Those who came really benefited from the information, though the need is immense for something more long-term this was a great place to start the conversation in the community.

The next day though very tired from being in the heat most of the previous day during the outdoor flea market, the group rose early to help us setup for our largest health fair yet. We had over 120 people come through the health fair to learn about how to live better and healthier lives. The group along with some of our regular local volunteers held blood pressure and diabetes screenings, taught nutrition courses throughout the day, shared information on exercising, nutrition, depression recovery, alcohol recovery, and even offered free chiropractic care and massages among other things.

One of the highlights was meeting Adrienne. Adrienne is a single mother who came to the health fair with her mother and young daughter. When Adrienne arrived she was using a wheel chair to move about, and was in constant pain due to a back injury that occurred shortly after her daughter was born. She had not been able to live a normal life since that time, and found it difficult to play with her little girl because of the pain. Meeting Adrienne was like meeting the woman with the flow of blood who had spent the last of her money going to doctor after doctor, and still had no answers-- that is until she met Jesus. This was Adrienne.

Adrienne had seen every doctor on or near the reservation and still she couldn't find relief. The day of the health fair sat patiently waiting to see one of the free chiropractors hoping this time something would be different. And it turned out it was! No, she didn't leave completely healed, but after praying and being treated by one of the chiropractors who came that day, she left telling us that it was the best she had felt in a long time and the extreme pain in her back had lessened!

Adrienne became so convinced that this had helped her that after the health fair she began to fund raise and spent what money she had to travel to see the chiropractor who treated her at his office in California. What a blessing that this man had a heart for Adrienne and was able to reach out to her again with God's healing touch and care. Recently, we spoke with Adrienne and though she still isn't completely cured of her back trouble, she has hope and a sense that prayer can heal and that God's people care--and even more important now she knows that God cares for her.

Diabetes information was shared throughout the day. The Navajo reservation has the highest rates of diabetes in the US.

Just before saying our goodbyes, the fellas from the group decided to take a photo together.


Support can be mailed to: ATGO Ministries PO Box 3173 Window Rock, AZ, 86515 You can also contact us via email: or call 928-275-3180. You Can Also Donate Online at:



I heard a missionary say recently: "God doesn't need money to move forward in the work, what He needs is more human resources!" We have to remember though it might be easier at times to give money and feel our requirement to the Great commission is fulfilled, our Father in heaven already owns it all. Our Father owns all the cattle on seven hills (Psalm 50:10-11). What He doesn't own is your free will and mine. He will not force us to become deeply involved in the work of spreading the Gospel, God doesn't force. He does however call, and many are being and have been called that have answered, but knowing the shortage of workers in our field alone (which is similar all over the world) many are not answering the call. Time is short and doors will not always be open to do today what we may not be able to do tomorrow. (John 9:4: I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work.)

When you hear the voice of God; sometimes the still small voice, sometimes the loud cry, calling you, will you answer? We will only speak directly to the needs in our mission field of the last several years, but the workers are few, and we are praying to the Lord of the harvest to send more laborers. Maybe you already have a work right where God has placed you, you should stay and not neglect the first work. But, for many others, God has been calling them away from their own pleasures to do His pleasure, is this you? We ask ourselves this also, is this us?

The Call to the Reservation

The work here has been slow at times, but the need for the Three Angels Message to be shared remains great, especially as the time is so close for the return of Jesus. Workers who enjoy a challenge, are self sufficient and able to work independently and with perseverance are in great demand.

Recently, Adventist World Radio has reached out to initiate a conversation about setting up a radio tower with a signal that could reach the entire reservation with the Everlasting Gospel as well as programming on healthier living, a much needed thing here. We will have one of AWR's representatives with us this November, please help us pray these beginning meetings. One of the challenges on the reservation is a hesitancy of the Navajo to come regularly to church services, or for many a resistance to even enter a church. But, we believe, with a radio station, many people could be reached that might not otherwise ever hear the Gospel.

However, if the Lord opens the way this can't be a success without an investment of time and more "human resources," to help manage and run the programming. Please help us pray that God will call and draw more workers to this field to help America's first peoples: the Dine', to come to know more about their creator and friend, Jesus.


Wyatt Allen preached nightly as we saw people light up at learning Bible truths.


Finally in August, the church plant held the much prayed for and anticipated month-long evangelism tent meetings on the prepared property in the Navajo Nation's capital. Several thousand invites were sent out to let people in the area and surrounding areas know about the meetings. Though not as many came as were invited, God blessed with a turnout far greater than we expected.

Amazing Facts evangelist Wyatt Allen and his team came to share a series of meetings that focused on the amazing prophecies of the Bible. Night after night we heard guests making comments about how much they were learning about the Bible. At the end of the series several of those coming were convicted by what they had been hearing and gave their lives to Jesus and soon after the meetings ended were baptized following our Savior's example.

The first group of baptisms at the end of the tent meetings.

Standing with our friends, Robert (left) who was baptized the last Sabbath of the meetings, and his wife Effie who was baptized a month later.

Though we can't count the true results of evangelism through baptisms, it was still a highlight to be with our new friends as they followed Jesus in being baptized. We remain grateful for the many volunteers that paved the way for the seeds that were sown in hearts during this month long series and continue to pray that what was learned will be shared and taken back to each person's family and friends as they become lights in their own communities.

Daniel and Catyln Fornes, Amazing Facts team members, greeted guests nightly as they came in.

The kids program was held in our converted and decorated Trail of Hope trailer during the nightly meetings. God blessed with several volunteers to help with this outreach.

Though the wind and strong rains tried to keep God's sign by the highway down, we continued to put it up!

A crew of local volunteers and the Amazing Facts team worked hard to setup the giant tent before the meetings.

We had our largest potluck in our little single wide trailer we call home on the reservation...feeling blessed we now have more space at the church to hold fellowship meals!



  1. Praising God for finding our stolen church truck.

  2. Praising God for the group all the volunteers who came out this summer to help with land prep and outreach efforts before the tent meetings.

  3. Praising God for the Amazing Facts team and their amazing efforts to plant seeds of Bible truth on the reservation.

  4. Prayers that those seeds will be watered and begin to produce fruit in the lives of those who came.

  5. Prayers needed for the utilities (water, and propane) to be installed soon in the donated church trailer.

  6. Prayers for Bible workers who can work as a team in this area sharing the Everlasting Gospel, and permanent housing solutions in the area for all volunteers.

Philippians 4:6: Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God...


  1. Prayers for a radio station to become a reality in the Navajo Nation's Capital and that it would have a strong enough frequency (or be able to be played through repeater towers) to reach the entire reservation.

  2. Bible workers and other consecrated volunteers who have the means to be self-supporting and who desire to see more people on the Navajo reservation come to health, healing and salvation.


Ministry Goals

  1. To share the message of salvation with Native people groups using health outreach aimed at improving physical and emotional wellbeing.

  2. To help Native people groups know Jesus by teaching from the Word of God.

  3. To equip indigenous peoples to reach their own with the Gospel and to prepare them for Jesus' second coming.


How To Donate: would you like to help us keep this outreach going? You can donate towards any of our current needs. All donations received will be used towards our most pressing needs in the order God is leading us to fulfill them. There are no overhead ministry costs, as we all work on a volunteer basis. We are able to provide tax deductible receipts for some donations (specifically, if they are donated to the local church plant needs), contact us directly if you need a receipt for tax purposes on your donation. Support can be mailed to: ATGO Ministries PO Box 3173 Window Rock, AZ, 86515 You can also contact us via email: or call 928-275-3180.

You Can Also Donate Online:

I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work. John 9:4


Native New Day...Weekly Bible Study Continues

God has provided! We currently have a church Bible worker who is holding weekly Native New Day Bible study classes for those who came through the evangelism series and are hungry for more of God's word. Please help us pray that the new believers will stay strong and close to God as the trials here always seem to increase as our friends step out in faith to follow Jesus.


NEW CHURCH TRAILER ARRIVES God's Timing is Never Slack...He supplies our Need On Time, Every Time!

Just a few days before the end of the tent meetings we were able to have the new church hauled onto the property!

Our first service in the new trailer.

Getting to the end of the Amazing Facts evangelism series was a sobering time, as we saw people taking their stand for Christ; we began to pray harder for a space to expand our worship services to accommodate any new friends who would like to join us for weekly church services.

It was already apparent before the meetings began that we would not have the permanent church structure built on the property in time, but that we still we needed something bigger than we currently were using. Then God showed His perfect timing--as He always does!

Two weeks before the evangelism was set to end, the Mormon church had gotten the paperwork complete on the trailer they offered to donate to our church. Plans began falling into place quickly to get the trailer hauled from their lot next door to the church lot. Within days of ending the tent meetings, we had a brand new (well, new to us!) trailer to begin holding weekly services and mid week bible studies in. God's timing is never slack, but right on time!!

God even provided 50 good condition chairs for a low price from another church about four hours below us in Phoenix, AZ. This church had purchased over 150 chairs and had them cleaned and refurbished, then decided they didn't like the colors, so their decision to get rid of them became our blessing.

Services are now being held in the "new to us" donated trailer ever since the end of the meetings, and the previous Trail of Hope trailer was being used to host potlucks after church each week. Now that the temperatures are dropping the congregation is forced again to use the newer trailer to do double duty, having potlucks in the same space we have worship. Hopefully soon a small makeshift kitchen can be setup in this trailer for reheating food for potlucks. We see that moving quickly to finish setting up the trailer will be important; recently during the midweek Bible study one of the ladies from the tent meetings tried to attend who had just had a kidney transplant, but she couldn't get into the building because the handicap ramp was not yet setup, and couldn't make it up the stairs. Her and her husband were not able to join that night. We are also praying that our water and sewer can be hooked up soon, as we have hit a permit snag. Currently, members are using an port-a-potty outside, but in cold winters this proves hard on the elderly in the group. We are also working to get permanent heating setup.



The truck used by the church to move the mobile church trailer after it was stolen and wrecked into a tree. It is currently getting a new hood, and grill, and has been rekeyed to avoid another theft!

Since we last updated on the stolen church truck (which is used to move the mobile Trail of Hope trailer where worship services were being held), God has provided abundantly. Not only was the truck found and returned to us, but the damage done from being run into the tree is currently being fixed by a local volunteer, and the insurance provided close to $6200 to restore God's vehicle!


Then I saw another angel flying in midair, and he had the eternal gospel to proclaim to those who live on the earth--to every nation, tribe, language and people. Revelation 14:6

Our mailing address is: All Tribes Gospel Outreach · PO Box 3173 · Window Rock, AZ 86515 · USA •

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