Yá’át’ééh ("Greetings" in Navajo) from our family and ATGO Ministries. We wanted to write to you; our friends and family, to share with you how much we value your prayers and support both personally and for the ministry over this past year. We also wanted to share with you some of our blessings from 2017.

The work on the Navajo Reservation has continued and moves forward with God’s guidance. With the Lord’s help and provisions ATGO Ministries was able to hold two more health fairs this year. Our third health fair was held in February when a group of students from Weimar Academy came to volunteer from California; and the fourth health fair was held in October when 10 volunteers from Eden Valley, CO, volunteered their time and talents.

Each health fair had roughly 30 people come and receive free health consults from medical professionals; massage; nutrition, exercise and addiction counseling along with depression and spiritual counseling; and free blood glucose and blood pressure screenings. Several people who attended the heath fairs this year now attend our cooking classes (another ongoing health outreach) on a regular basis, and have shared what they are learning with their friends and family. And, one couple met through the health fairs is now receiving Bible studies, and improving not only their physical health but more importantly their spiritual health! We currently have nine people actively studying the Bible with the ministry; including our neighbor, who Jackson invited personally to learn more about God!

ATGO was also able to setup a ministry booth at the local flea market several times this past year, sharing God’s message with those who came by. It is always a blessing to be able to pray and share special truths with those who come to the booth.

The local church plant which began a year and half ago in our family’s small trailer and another couple’s home has now grown and we have between 10-15 people in attendance, with one baptism this past summer! Though, at times this work may seem slow by the world’s standards, we are seeing the individuals who routinely come to church and Bible study changing and truly giving their old lives to the Lord and becoming renewed in Him!

We currently meet in a converted semi-truck for weekly church services. We also had a “Jesus And me” (Biblical AA for alcoholics and addicts) group begin to meet this year in our same small converted trailer. We are praying the group will grow and the word will spread as this is a much needed ministry here in our area of the reservation. We continue to pray for God to open the way for a permanent church/outreach building to be built. To date $28,000 has been donated for the building fund, and volunteer missionaries have committed to coming in spring of next year to lay the foundation for the new building. Lord willing when the time is right, God will have provided all the funding needed for a completely debt-free house of worship.

We are excited to have Wyatt Allan from Amazing Facts scheduled to hold a month-long series of evangelism this summer, which is a true answer to our prayers! Please help us pray that the land will be ready with water and site preparation by the time the series is to be held.

Our family has felt blessed in so many ways to watch our friends on the reservation coming into a closer relationship with Jesus. Though, we know that our serving here has taught us more than those we seek to serve; so, we feel honored if in some small way we can share our love for the Savior with others.

We have watched Jackson grow as he gives of his talents to God. This past year he has begun playing his violin for weekly worship services; which has been a huge blessing! He also continues to rescue stray dogs and cats off the reservation (a passion of his), and as of recently we transported the 85th animal. Many of which were in desperate need of medical care and attention; and were able to receive this through his ministry: Sunny Tails Rescue.

He continues to make his handmade hats and soaps which he sold at the ASI National Convention this past August; and at our local hospital to the staff. We felt blessed that God provided a way for the ministry to be able to attend and setup a booth at the convention to share about the needs here on the reservation.

Aside from our main work of growing in Christ ourselves; keeping our marriage strong; and raising our son to know Jesus (all of which are of vital and primary importance to us); we feel extremely blessed that God has given us this work on the Navajo Reservation, and allowed us to be workers in His vineyard! We are also humbled that you, our friends and family, have prayed for these efforts and prayed for us personally; helped at local outreach events alongside us; and financially supported the ongoing efforts here. With all our hearts we believe that Jesus is returning soon, and we want to be ready, and want those around us to be ready too!

We pray that for each of you, our friends, that God richly bless you and yours this time of year and throughout the coming years! And, may He fill all our hearts and minds with sweet reflections of our Savior all year long.

In His service, Tony and Darah Varga



Instead of writing a long year-end newsletter we decided we would show instead of tell you all that the Lord has been doing here on the Navajo Reservation. God has been merciful to allow us to grow in Him while serving the Navajo people and helping them to also grow to know Jesus more and more each day. Please let us know if you have trouble viewing the above video on YouTube, we have been experiencing high winds this week and internet has been extremely slow; so we have uploaded a lower-resolution version of this video to allow it to upload!


ARE YOU BEING CALLED? Are you being called to come to the Navajo Reservation to give of your time and talents? Is God calling you to share with His children here? “To those who are looking for a place where they may work in the Lord’s vineyard, come over and help us. Come prepared to practice self-denial, determined that you will not fail nor be discouraged. We can not pay your passage, nor can we give you large wages. We can not carry you financially or spiritually; but if you will come to do a work for the Master, if you are willing to visit and labor for souls where they are, come, and we will co-operate with you as long as you co-operate with God.”2 “Helpers are needed who have some means, who can engage in some employment and sustain themselves and not draw upon the [church] for their support.”3 “Let such workers go…where truth was presented years ago and the work has not been followed up. True, it will require self-denial to leave the churches where [you] have assembled to worship. But, if Jesus, the precious Savior, had studied His own pleasure and convenience, as many who profess to be His followers do today, He would never have left the mansions of bliss, His heavenly home, and come to our world, all seared and marred with the curse…”4

Though these words above were spoken over 100 years ago, they apply to all of us today. The call is still being sounded for individuals to come; only this time to the Navajo Reservation. We need people who would be able to help in short-term and possibly long-term capacities with a variety of skill sets, and who are willing to be self-supporting in the work. If you are interested and feel the call to come: please pray about the following needs and if God is calling you to come.

We have several needs currently:

Evangelism next summer. We are excited to announce that Wyatt Allen, of Amazing Facts, through the grace of God is scheduled to come and set up an evangelism series on the Window Rock church property this coming summer! But, in order for us to be ready to host Wyatt and his team, we desperately need some infrastructure on the church property, such as water lines put in, so the team can stay with us in their RVs. So, if you are looking for a short-term project we could use you to help get the land ready!

Another one of our current and pressing needs for the church property is a fence. Our property has been vacant for many years, and the lot has become a common dumping ground for trash, and temporary parking of semi-trucks. Now that we are finally holding services on the property in our church trailer, we have seen there is a need for fencing. If you and/or your church group have skilled workers who would be interested in donating your time to a mission trip to accomplish this goal, please contact us!

We are also in need of a planning specialist, someone who could come out to Window Rock and review the land surveys and possibly help the church with land development ideas. There are three acres of undeveloped land, with power lines on the property.

Finally, next Spring, there will be volunteer workers coming to help lay the foundation for the future church building. As you can see there is much work that needs to be done on this land. If God is leading you to come out and help, please pray for His guidance and timing, as we are also praying for more laborers in this ripe field!

#1, #2 and #3: from the book: An Appeal for Self-Supporting Laborers to Enter Unworked Fields: A Call to Finish the Work; pages 26; 27-28; 29 (in respective order)



  1. Praises for the blessing of partnerships this past year, and for the volunteers who continue to come out and help with health fairs, cooking classes and various outreach events!

  2. Praising God for Wyatt Allan and his team being willing to come out this coming summer for a month-long evangelism series in Window Rock.

  3. Praising God for getting the final OK from the cultural survey we had done, that we can now begin to clear the land and get water, electric and gas lines put in.

  4. Praises for a recent donation of $5000 to go towards the building of a permanent church structure, we currently have $28,000 in our fund for building!

  5. Prayers needed for more workers, especially another Bible worker in this area of God's vineyard.

  6. Prayers for perserverence for the workers who are already here working.

Philippians 4:6: Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God...


  1. Donations needed to continue the church building project (currently we have around $28,000 to start the work, but estimate the entire project to cost around $40,000-$60,000)

  2. Recently our Bible worker and his wife found out they are expecting a baby, and prayerfully decided to move back to their home town to be closer to family. So, we are praying once more for a Bible worker with a heart for the people in this area to come join the work here...could this be you?

  3. Volunteers to come and help with building the church and developing the property.


Ministry Goals

  1. To share the message of salvation with Native people groups using health outreach aimed at improving physical and emotional wellbeing.

  2. To help Native people groups know Jesus by teaching from the Word of God.

  3. To equip indigenous peoples to reach their own with the Gospel and to prepare them for Jesus' second coming.


How To Donate: would you like to help us keep this outreach going? You can donate towards any of our current needs. All donations received will be used towards our most pressing needs in the order God is leading us to fulfill them. There are no overhead ministry costs, as we all work on a volunteer basis. We are hoping to apply to become a 501(c)(3) non-profit in the future. However, we are able to provide tax deductible receipts for many donations, contact us directly if you need a receipt for tax purposes on your donation. Support can be mailed to: ATGO Ministries PO Box 3173 Window Rock, AZ, 86515 You can also contact us via email: darahvarga@atgoministries.org or call 928-275-3180.

You Can Also Donate Online: www.ATGOministries.org!

Then I saw another angel flying in midair, and he had the eternal gospel to proclaim to those who live on the earth--to every nation, tribe, language and people. Revelation 14:6

Copyright © All Tribes Gospel Outreach, All rights reserved. Our mailing address is: PO Box 3173 * Window Rock, AZ * 86515

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