Haiti Needs You

Haiti Needs Your Help

Michael and Pastor Saint-Louis Pierre with 50 students learning how to do Bible studies before the Hurricane hit this past week.

Michael Cooper and Pastor Saint-Louis Pierre with 50 students learning how to do Bible studies before the Hurricane hit this past week.

As the death toll keeps rising in Haiti, Tony and I knew we needed to reach out now to share this with you. It’s likely you have heard the news of the latest catastrophe to hit—Hurricane Matthew.

Hurricane Matthew was the Category 4 Hurricane that first made landfall on October 4 at 7 am on the southern tip of Haiti. (1) Haiti already named the poorest country in the western hemisphere, sustained unimaginable damage.

Five years ago Tony and I made our first trip to Haiti with our friends and amazing missionary couple, Michael and Brenda Cooper. Brenda and Michael founded Haiti Helpers 15 years ago and have been leading mission groups into various areas of Haiti ever since. They have built an orphanage, helped build a school, church, and led numerous medical relief and evangelism trips.

Not long after our first trip to Haiti, God opened the way for us to go a second time. Over the years we have stayed in touch with the work going on there, and today we need to share with you an urgent call for help we received from our friend Brenda.

As you may know Hurricane Matthew struck Haiti with winds of 125 mph (200 kph), and the heavy rains flattened homes, flooded villages, razed crops, swept away cattle and cut off the parts of the island. The storm leveled 80% of the buildings in the city of Jeremie. (2) Les Cayes, one of the hardest-hit towns on the southern coast was also badly battered and sustained large amounts of damage. The death toll has been estimated by some news outlets as being around 377 and by others as high as 900 people dead.

U.N. secretary-general's deputy special representative for Haiti Mourad Wahba told AP, the hurricane's destruction is the "largest humanitarian event" in Haiti since the devastating earthquake of January 2010. (3)

Our friends Brenda and Micheal made their first trip to Las Cayes, Haiti finishing their trip a few days before the hurricane hit . During their 11 day mission trip to this area, they led Bible studies, visited windows and orphans in the area, served the people there with medical outreach and made many contacts which they hoped would help them better serve there on future mission trips.

From their own words upon returning to the states after this trip:

“We have had a great trip to Haiti for the last 11 days!!! God opened so many doors and brought so many opportunities to us and we met so many people that are going to be helping us with our ministry in the future. This was our first trip to Les Cayes but will not be our last. Met so many people there including the mayor who was such a gracious host. We are going to be networking together on future projects.”

Pastor Gaeton who took led Haiti Helpers on a visit to the prison for outreach on their recent trip (photographed before the Hurricane) after the disaster he wrote Brenda these words: "River entre in my house. I lose all all all. Books, habits, phone, etc. Please, i need your prayer!" It amazes me what they didn't know, but God did; which was that the Lord was preparing them to go back and serve sooner than they expected.

Upon hearing the news of Hurricane Matthew after returning stateside, Brenda said:

“As you know my heart is breaking for these people in Les Cayes where we just were. I wrote some emails and texts today and people have been generous. Michael is in the process right now of getting us tickets with frequent flyer miles back to Haiti to take this money ourselves that is being donated to buy tarps, food and water. We are going to get the Haitian Union to loan us their truck to get tarps and supplies to Les Cayes and possibly Jeremie. We feel like we were there last week as Esther was in the right place at the right time for her people. We feel like God had us there last week to be able to now assist these people. If you would like to donate to Haitihelpers and let us take your donation to these people we will be happy to do it. Just let me know. We are going on the 12th.”

This is why our ministry, ATGO Ministries is writing to you sooner than our promised “monthly” scheduled newsletter. Because we know you, our friends and family, to have generous and concerned hearts for the hurting, the poor and those in most desperate need of God’s love and care, so we knew we had an obligation to share with you this information.

Brenda and Michael will be traveling to Las Cayes and possibly Jeremie Haiti this Wednesday, October the 12th to take the donations given to their organization: Haiti Helpers (a 501(c) 3 org.) to the areas effected. There they will be purchasing the most needed supplies and giving them directly to the people in Las Cayes and Jeremie.

We are writing to ask for your help. If your heart has been stirred, or if you have been watching the news and wishing you could help, this is a great way to get your resources to the people in Haiti who need the most help; and to know the help is coming from Christians who love them.

Haiti Helper's mission has always been to reach the most hurting in Haiti by meeting their immediate needs; and by doing so showing Christ’s love to the people.

I know there are major organizations we can give our funds to when catastrophes like this hit, but those organizations will not bring a personal hug, a smile, a stuffed animal in hand, or the love of Jesus along with our donations. 100% of all donations go directly to the Haitihelpers projects and ministries (minus Moneygram sending fees) as intended by their donors. No part of any donation is used for Haitihelpers administrative costs. Our family is committing our funds this month that would normally go to help our ministry here on the reservation (ATGO Ministries) to go instead to Haiti Helpers and the efforts on the ground in Haiti. We are asking that if you feel led that you would join us.

Haiti Helpers is a 501(c) 3 organization and a non-profit in the states as well as in Haiti. They can send receipts for your tax-deductible donation. Donations can be made to Haitihelpers. Money donated will be used for food and necessities. Please mark on your donation: “Hurricane Matthew / ATGO Ministries” in the notes line, or mention this newsletter as where you saw the needs if you call to make a donation.

To make a donation for the Hurricane Matthew Relief Efforts:

Please contact them directly at:

Phone: 678-986-6287 (Micheal and Brenda Cooper)

E-mail: coopring05@aol.com

Donations can be mailed to: Haiti Helpers

1749 S. Dicks Creek Rd, La Fayette, GA 30728

More information on Haiti Helpers can be found at: http://www.haitihelpers.org/


(1) http://www.nytimes.com/2016/10/05/world/americas/hurricane-matthew-caribbean.html

(2) http://time.com/4522859/hurricane-matthew-path-track-2016/

(3) https://weather.com/news/news/hurricane-matthew-haiti-latest-news

Sometimes it may seem as a Christian like the needs to help the poor, the needy, the less fortunate are never-ending…but consider these words from the Apostle Paul, a missionary who never stopped trying to reach people for Jesus!

“And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart.” Galatians 6:9

We pray we will all not “grow weary” in reaching out to help those in need, and to lead a dying world to Jesus Christ!

May God bless each of you as you endeavor to serve him, Tony, Darah & Jackson Varga

Effected areas of Haiti caused people to wade through chest high infested waters.

Cholera has already begun to outbreak due to unclean conditions in the area.

Many roofs were torn from homes causing people to seek other shelter and leave their homes behind.

(Above) One of the lady's house where Haiti Helpers will be going to visit this week. She has 6 children. They will sleep with water in their house for now. Haiti Helpers has already sent some money about 4 days ago through a contact there to share some food and drinking water with them.

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