Yáʼátʼééh in this New Year!

Yáʼátʼééh ("Greetings" in Navajo) in this new year from our family and ATGO Ministries. We wanted to write to you, our friends and family, to let you know much we value your prayers and support both personally and for the ministry over this last year. As we are entering this new year, we wanted to share with you some of our ministry highlights from 2016.

We held our first health fair for the Navajo people in May of this year. We saw close to 30 people and had over 20 volunteers attend to bless those who came. We had another health fair in September; with one local man giving his life to Jesus as a result of him coming to the event!

During the summer months, we were able to secure a booth at the local flea market, a hub where people in the area gather. We prayed, shared, and invited people to events; and most importantly made continuing friendships.

Official church services began in the Navajo Nation’s capital (where we live), in June. God has blessed, as we continue to reach souls and endeavor to grow His church. We began humbly meeting in our homes, and have since been able to secure a rented hotel conference room. And, just this month we were contacted by two local Navajo women who wanted to donate 150 cut logs to help build a permanent church to meet in! We have even had several men experienced in building express an interest in coming to help build the church (though we will need many more). There has also been a weekly Bible study group sharing God’s Word with local Navajo in our area.

We have had the privilege to come beside several of our new Navajo friends, to surround them with love as a mother passed, to learn what God’s Word said during moments of pain and suffering, and to offer encouragement as the struggle to overcome addiction continued. God has blessed us by putting souls in our path that are ripe for the everlasting Gospel!

Jackson has also begun his own outreach and mission here. Through Sunny Tails Rescue he with God’s help (and mom and dad’s) has rescued over 35 dogs (as of this last week!) off the reservation and placed them into loving homes—a true passion of his. He has also used his skills to make handmade soaps and hand knit hats to help raise funds for ATGO’s various outreach initiatives.

Aside from our main work of raising our son, and growing in Christ ourselves; we feel overwhelmingly rewarded that God has given us this work, and allowed us to be workers in His vineyard! We also feel extremely humble that you, our friends have prayed for these efforts, helped at local outreach events alongside us, and financially supported the ongoing efforts here and in other areas where we are starting to serve.

May God richly bless you and yours this time of year and throughout the coming years!

In Christ’s love, Tony and Darah and Jax

ATGO's Year in Review: Photo Gallery

Volunteers and guests at our two health fairs this year: one in Ft. Defiance, AZ in May and the other in St. Michaels, AZ in September. We had close to 25 volunteers at each, and 30 participants. We offered free health screenings, health information booths, depression, alcohol and smoking recovery information as well as a massage booth and Spiritual counseling. We had one precious soul give their life to Jesus as a result of our second health fair!

Pictured above: Volunteers after the first health fair. (Pic. left below) Volunteers praying at our first health fair before the event began. (Pic. right below) Our very first participant at the Ft. Defiance health fair.

Below: Ongoing Monthly Cooking classes meet to help local Navajo ladies (and a few sporadic gentlemen) learn new ways to cook that will help keep their bodies healthy. We all look forward to enjoying great fellowship and yummy food!

Below: (Images below: pictured top left): Tony and Jackson prepare for the flea market by labeling books and DVDs with our ATGO informtion stickers. We had a couple as far away as 3 hours south of us call for Bible studies off of one of our books they received at an outreach event! (Images below: Top Right): Sonia, Antonia, Jax, Tony and Darah volunteering time at the flea market outreach event (Bottom Left): These two ladies came and took home one of every sharing book and DVD we had available! (Bottom Right): Tony praying and encouraging a young man who came to one of our flea market booths.

Church services began in June of this year and have steadily progressed. We began by meeting in our homes and have since rented a hotel conference room to hold services in. We are praying for a permanent place of worship to be built on the land given to the church. Recently two local women have donated 150 logs to go towards building the church! Now all we need is funding for site development, and people who will volunteer their time and efforts to help us build! If you are interested, please contact us!

GOALS AND VISION FOR 2017 This year was an exciting year of beginnings. We began to build friendships and contacts here in Window Rock, AZ, the capital of the Navajo Nation. But now, we feel it is time to move to the next step. We are praying 2017 will be a year of progress for the work here. We see clearly the need for several things, and are praying for God to open the way for these things to happen. In 2017: We are praying for an evangelistic series that is planned for summer. We are praying for volunteers and funding to prepare the land we have for a church, and possibly a training facility (to be built on the vacant land) where local lay people can be trained to share the Gospel throughout the reservation. We recently had 150 logs donated by two ladies here on the reservation. This was a true gift of love stemming from their desire to see a church built on this property. Will you help us with your time or resources to help make this dream a reality for the people here? Please contact us if you would like to setup a mission trip to come and help with this project. If you would like to make a tax deductible donation please scroll down for ways to donate. Finally, we are praying for a radio tower to be put up, through a program called Radio 74. This tower would allow us to broadcast the Everlasting Gospel around the Navajo Reservation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Imagine it, a way to reach thousands here on the Navajo Reservation--far more than we could reach alone! And the best part is Radio 74 is setup to help with the permits, the building process and the programming, we just have to raise the funding. We are praying and seeking your help with the possible costs for this. The costs range from $40,000-50,000. We know God is able to move hearts if this is His will. If your heart is stirred to help make this a reality, we are setup to provide tax deductible receipts for donations to this cause.

Joining the Efforts

Jackson has joined the mission efforts by creating handmade hats and soaps. He sells his soaps to help raise money for ongoing outreach efforts here on the reservation. If you or someone you know is interested in purchasing soaps possibly for a special group event or as gifts, or individually, please contact us!

SUNNY TAILS RESCUE: Over 35 dogs rescued so far! Still the numbers on the reservation for stray dogs is astounding...We are in need of ongoing support to help with transport costs, feeding rescues before transport and a few more cages to keep the program going, if you would like to support these efforts please contact us!

A Billboard to Reach the People!

This year we finished a billboard to share Gospel messages and outreach event banners at our Sister church in Gallup, NM. Will you help us pray for the funds and helping hands to build a similar one in Window Rock on our vacant property?

Navajo Nation Fair, Going Where the People Are

This year in September was the 70th anniversary of the Navajo Nation's Fair in Window Rock, AZ where we are based. We had the opportunity (after getting blocked into our trailer park before the Parade began, God put it on our hearts to use the day for His glory!) to hand out Gospel literature throughout the day of the parade. We were able to share the Good News of Christ's soon return with those from all over the reservation who came for this big event. (Picture below: Left) Tribal Dancers at the parade. (Picture Right Below) Protestors from Standing Rock came to the Parade to share their cause.

Ministry Goals

  1. To share the message of salvation with Native people groups using health outreach aimed at improving physical and emotional wellbeing.

  2. To help Native people groups know Jesus by teaching from the Word of God.

  3. To equip indigenous peoples to reach their own with the Gospel and to prepare them for Jesus' second coming.

Ministry Praises, Prayer Requests & Needs


We have had an amazing first year of ministry serving on the Navajo Reservation, and in other areas of the world. We especially want to thank everyone who helped provide necessities such as drinking water, food and tarps to the people affected by Hurricane Matthew in Haiti. Thank you to Haiti Helpers for all the amazing work they do there on a continuing basis! It was a blessing to be able to support their efforts because of your help during that time of need. Also, thank you to all of our donors who gave to help the work here on the reservation continue!


  1. A permanent church building where our growing church group can worship.

  2. Replenishing our sharing materials: if you would like to support the ongoing publication part of the ministry please let us know.

  3. Mission-minded volunteers are needed for future building projects (church property needs fencing, a sign, a building to meet in, and leveling to prepare the land for building) and an evangelism series and kid's outreach in the summer of next year.

  4. Funding Needed for Church building / Training Facility and Radio Tower.

Then I saw another angel flying in midair, and he had the eternal gospel to proclaim to those who live on the earth--to every nation, tribe, language and people. Revelation 14:6

From our family to yours, thank you again for your support. We pray 2017 will be a year of progress in spreading the Gospel, and truth in God's Word both here on the reservation as well as all over the world!

How To Donate: would you like to help us keep these outreach efforts going? You can donate towards any of our current needs. All donations received will be used towards our most pressing needs in the order God is leading us to fulfill them. There are no overhead ministry costs, as we all work on a volunteer basis. We are hoping to apply to become a 501(c)(3) non-profit soon. However, we are able to provide tax deductible receipts for some donations, contact us directly if you need a receipt for tax purposes on your donation. Support can be mailed to: ATGO Ministries PO Box 3173 Window Rock, AZ, 86515 You can also contact us via email for a way to donate online at: darahvarga@atgoministries.org or call 928-275-3180.

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