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Mission Aviation in Guyana

There are many locations in Guyana where people from remotes areas are living within several days walk to medical care. Some places people are walking up to two weeks to the nearest hospital, making health outcomes when sick very poor. Tony and other pilots fly medical mission flights into these areas to help the sick and dying get to the hospital care they need. If you would like to assist with gas for the planes, or any part of this mission let us know! We pray as families are touched by this outreach they will see the love of Jesus and how much He cares for them, and make decisions to follow Him!

Church & Outreach Building Project

Official church services began in the Navajo Nation's capital: Window Rock, AZ in June 2016. Services began meeting in various homes, but eventually moved to a local hotel conference room that was rented weekly. Abruptly, the group was told we could no longer meet at the hotel, the Lord then opened the way for us to meet in a converted semi-truck on our own property for weekly services. A year after this our needs grew, and another local church donated an upgraded modular which is a warmer more permanent structure for worship...We are still praying for more growth in this little church plant--we are praying for this dream to become a reality for the Navajo people in Window Rock, AZ!


Healthy Cooking Classes

Our Sunday Cooking Classes were great fun. We met together to teach and learn new ways of eating healthy and helping the families who join us to become healthier. The group met monthly which was a great way to build friendships made at some of our larger outreach events. The cooking classes even developed into a weekly Bible Study group last year that continues to grow as well!

Health Fairs 

Twice a year we held a health fair near the capital of the Navajo Reservation. We offer free health screenings, blood pressure and diabetes checks, free massage and tons of information on healthy living for the people in those areas. We see the need for similar outreach efforts in our new home in Guyana, so if you or a group are interested in coming to serve in this way, please let us know!


Sharing Publications Ministry

More than 1000 pieces of sharing materials: ranging from books, DVDS and Gospel tracts have been shared here on the reservation through this arm of the ministry. We are now seeing a great need for DVDs and books in Guyana as well! We are looking for audio Bibles, Steps to Christ, health publications and Christian living literature (in English) to share with our friends in Bethany Village, and Mashabo currently. Will you help us pray that God's resources will be available for His special children here in Guyana?

Flea Market Outreach

The Flea Market is a hub of activity in Window Rock, AZ on a sunny day...which most days are around here! We have been blessed to be able to setup a booth for sharing the Gospel, inviting people to healthy living events, and sharing smiles, hugs and prayer with those that stop by! We have been able to make great friendships through this outreach.