Do you feel called to live & serve on the Navajo Reservation? We currently have a great need for people to commit their lives and efforts to the work in this area. If you feel called and are praying for God's guidance, please contact us to discuss our full time missionary needs. These positions are for families & individuals who are setup to work from home. Full time missionaries will need to be self-supporting. There is a hospital in the area where employment could be sought.


We have many opportunities to volunteer. From health fairs, evangelism, healthy cooking classes, outreach events and building projects; there is something for anyone to do who has a willing & consecrated heart. Contact us by filling out the contact form below so we can match your spiritual gifts with our volunteer needs.​ We will send you a PDF Application form to your specified email address. 


Interested in taking a trip to the capital of the Navajo Nation (Window Rock, AZ) or to Bethany Village, Guyana to serve?


Church groups, pathfinders, school groups as well as individuals and families are invited to come and help in various capacities. Contact us or click below to view current mission opportunities for your group or family.