Boat Outreach Ministry

Getting supplies in and out of the small river locked village we serve in is expensive and time consuming because we currently have to hire boat drivers to take us to the coast each week, or sometimes several times a week. We are praying now for a suitable boat that will not only be able to help the missionaries in Bethany get to supplies easier and cheaper, but will also provide for a boat outreach ministry. 


Not long after arriving to the Bethany, we took a trip to the coast for supplies. As we road the boat there and back I began praying and asking God to give us a way to reach the many, many homes and people along the waterways. Each of these homes have no access except by water. We don’t yet know what this will look like, but feel convinced that there are many along these waterways that need prayer, an encouraging word or possibly would even be receptive to Bible studies if we came to them. 

After researching the options we believe an 18 foot Jon boat, with a wide width (for stability while hauling large supplies) or something similar would be a huge blessing for the work here in Bethany Village. Will you please help us pray for God’s guidance to a sturdy boat that would be suited for hauling people and goods, and spreading the Gospel along the waterways here in Guyana?

Medical Aviation Work in Guyana

Our family is currently settling in to our new mission post and home in Guyana, South America. We are seeing the needs here are many, but ongoing there is always a need for gas to make flights into the interior and ongoing maintenance and insurance for the planes. These are just the recurring needs, currently we are in need of a repairs on the Cessna 182 that crashed on landing, or possibly a replacement plane to continue the work in the interior of reaching precious people with medical care and the Gospel. Many people in the far reaches of the interior live many days distance to medical care, and rely on these planes to save lives! 

Navajo Radio Station

We along with other missionaries have been praying for years for a radio station to come to the reservation. In 2018 God began answering that prayer in a mighty way! Today there are plans moving forward for Adventist World Radio to start a station with coverage in Window Rock and the entire reservation to reach our Navajo friends with the Everlasting Gospel, 24 hours a day - 7 days a week! Are you being called to help make this a reality through your faithful prayers? By committing to pray for this to come into being you are praying to bring light into darkness on the reservation!


Navajo Church Plant

Update on the church plant in the Navajo Nation's capital of Window Rock, AZ. We now have a fence on the property, 4 RV hook up sites for volunteers and workers to stay while helping with projects in the area, a parsonage for a permanent pastor, who has now arrived and is serving this church and a sister church; and even have a warm modular trailer to worship in. But, currently we have no water hooked up on the trailer, and no working bathrooms.


The little church plant began in our homes, then moved to a conference room-but were abruptly our contract was cancelled, then God provided a converted semi-truck, where the group met for about a year (but it was difficult to heat and cool, and lacked space). Recently, a local church of another denomination donated a free upgraded modular trailer! But even this space has its limitations. Can you help us by: 1. Volunteering your time to help build a larger building 2. Pray for resources and/or funds for site preparation and building...

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