According to Your Faith Be it unto You

Have you been praying for sometime about something you want God to heal or change? Have you ever considered that God has already heard your requests and is waiting with anticipation for you to claim in faith the victory He wants to give you, and that this might be the very key to receiving your answer? Nothing can uplift our hearts more than praising God in faith for His answer to our prayer even before we receive an answer. Always, if we are praying “thy will be done Lord,” can we expect God to answer our prayers. His answer may be no, yes or wait...but we can trust He will answer in His time and way...and for this we can praise Him! What better use of time on our knees than praising the On

Our First Focus

I have been thinking and thinking over one verse in the Bible this week. Matthew 26:11. It’s such a short verse, but it is so full of meaning that it has led to a much deeper study of the heart of God and His desires for us as His people in these last days. Throughout the Bible, God commands Christians to take the focus off themselves and care for those that are less fortunate. Most often it refers to the less fortunate as the: “widows, orphans, poor and needy.” The verses where God commands or speaks about Christians caring for the needy are plentiful; they fill the pages of the Old and New Testament...Psalm 72:12, Mark 14:7, Isaiah 1:17, Job 29:16, Isaiah 58:6-7 & 9-11, Proverbs 19:17, Pro

Have You Ever Hurt So Deeply

Have you ever hurt so deeply that your heart felt like a barren place, a desert land...or your pain was so deep you believed no one could enter into it-it was a solitary place that you alone had to dwell? God sees you and will help you when you feel these deep hurts, loneliness, pain and are void of joy. Reading through Isaiah chapter 35, the entirety of this chapter is an overflowing love story from God straight to our hurting hearts. He calls us to strengthen one another, calling out to others who are struggling also to “Be strong, fear not: behold, your God will come with vengeance, even God with a recompence; he will come and save you!” Isn’t that beautiful! God knows at times we each gr

Are You Waiting Today?

Though many in the world may not know it, we all, believer and unbeliever alike sit at the feet of Jesus waiting...together. It seems a strange thing to our human way of thinking that we should be forced to wait. It’s not an easy thing for the flesh. When I think of how many “plans and prospects,” have been put on hold; or as we say in our family, are now “in a holding pattern, (when your husband is a pilot, you get accustomed to aviation metaphors!), it amazes the mind. Millions of people who have free will and independent spirits being “forced” to submit to stillness. That’s profound. And, I am certain it has not been an easy thing for most. Especially, for the part of the world that has c

Wild Pigs…God is so good, and truly does answer prayer...

Since living in Guyana we have been told about the numerous animals we have here in the jungle and which ones are dangerous and which are harmless. We know generally which are the most poisonous snakes and know that the jaguars are here but have been told they are elusive and not likely to attack humans (though on occasion they have). But one animal we continued to hear stories about were the wild pigs; which some of our local friends made out to seem quite aggressive. We had been told if you came across a herd they could chase you and if someone went into a tree to get away the pigs had been known to stay at the bottom of the tree, sometimes hours waiting for a person to come down. Others s

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