Standing on the Promises of God

In uncertain times we need something certain we can stand firm on-something we can trust. But in this world, especially the world as it stands today-nothing is certain; everything is changing. We can’t put our trust in riches, homes, lands—they will all pass away. (We are told not to make these our treasure here on earth where moth and rust destroy anyway: Matthew 6:19-20) Sadly, even family and friends are not certain in this world. So what can we stand firm on? There is one thing that will not pass away till the heavens and the earth pass, and that is God’s word, especially His promises! (Not even “one jot or tittle of His word will pass away!” Matthew 5:18) If there is one thing that can

Interesting Times

What an interesting time we are living in. Churches with closed doors, “social distancing” away from friends and loved ones if it means our protection. Funerals passing by silently with closed doors and only the closest relatives being allowed to say their goodbyes. We are in a time of silence where we can truly be alone with God. These are the days where neither the church nor our family members or anyone or anything else should be leading our motives and desires towards God. This is the time to allow Him “to seek and search our hearts.” This is the time to see where our faith truly lies. “Examine yourselves, whether ye be in the faith, prove your own selves.” 2 Corinthians 13:5 Do we reall

In the Wilderness

Many years ago there was a monk who needed olive oil, so he planted an olive tree sapling. After he finished planting it, he prayed, “Lord, my tree needs rain so it’s tender roots may drink and grow. Send gentle showers.” And the Lord sent gentle showers. Then the monk prayed, “Lord, my tree needs sun. Please send it sun.” And the sun shone. “Now send frost, dear Lord, to strengthen its branches,” cried the monk. And soon the little tree was covered in sparkling frost, but by evening it had died. Then the monk told another monk of his strange experience. After hearing the story, the other monk said, “I also have planted a little tree. See how it is thriving! But I entrust my tree to its God.

Fruit and Miracles: God’s Provisions

Recently on a Friday, we were getting down to the last of our food supply. With only two US dollars left in our bank account, we were preparing to eat lean and pray until God blessed us with more. After leaving our job early last year and beginning to work solely for God serving as “volunteer missionaries” we have been learning daily that all of our provisions come from above...and, praise God, because so far, He has never let us go hungry or miss a meal! We trusted this time would be no different. We have worked this year and last as hard as we ever have at any secular job but the rewards of working for our Heavenly Father have been far greater! It has been a walk of faith for us, and we pr

Be Ye Not Afraid

Like many places around the world, we too are seeing cases of the Coronavirus where we are living and serving in Guyana. And we hear the fear in some of our friends as to what the future holds. With fear and worry in many hearts right now…I woke this morning with the thought: I wonder what God thinks of our fear as He is obviously not caught unaware of the events unfolding around the world. He has never been caught by surprise by the chaos that happens in this world—past, present or future. This is not the first time His children have feared for their safety, and His word clearly tells us this won’t be the last either! I saw something a few years ago that said that the words “Be not afraid,”

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