ATGO Ministries (All Tribes Gospel Outreach) is a faith based, donor supported ministry started by Tony and Darah Varga and their son, Jackson. The ministry began while the family lived on the Navajo reservation, where they served for a total of six years. Tony served as a medi-vac pilot, helping to fly Navajo patients to better health care facilities; while the whole family served the community through recurring health fairs, healthy cooking classes, depression recovery seminars, winter heating programs and evangelism outreach. 

There is now a church in the Navajo Nation's capital which sits on 3 acres of deeded land, which began as a result from these and other outreach efforts. The needs are still great on the Navajo Reservation and ATGO Ministries continues to stay updated on ways to help. Please visit the “newsletter” section to see a list of current needs in this mission field. 

After their service on the Navajo Reservation they answered the call to serve as full-time missionaries in South America, in an Amerindian village called Bethany in the country of Guyana. 

As a missionary pilot, Tony worked with the local government to get the Bethany airstrip re-opened for flying missions to bring patients from remote villages into larger cities for treatment; and transporting goods and supplies to various mission outposts within Guyana. All with the ultimate goal of helping to spread the Gospel throughout Guyana. 

For years, the family has worked by faith, trusting God to supply all of their needs as well as the needs of those they serve. Today, All Tribes Gospel Outreach continues to help the communities where the family has lived and served, but also works with other mission organizations, as well as online to help spread the Gospel in both practical and eternal ways!